Chatty Daniela

Chatty Daniela Valenti

Daniela, 13, enjoys drawing and spending time with her friends. Since moving to Boston as kindergartener, she speaks fluent English and can converse freely in both Spanish and English. Although Daniela can often be found lively and chatty during class sessions, her serious side emerges during art class when she painstakingly completes projects – she also has a keen interest in supernatural subjects as well as travel.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Valenti is an experienced psychiatrist and paranormal fiction author, seemingly an unlikely combination. However, her professional experience combines well with her writing – she possesses an in-depth knowledge of human psychology which allows her to craft well-rounded characters who are both powerful and vulnerable. Daniela enjoys writing sci-fi, skincare/fashion trends, travel destinations as well as researching narcissism/psychopathy.

She loves free parking, cherry coke and new papermate flare pens; is an avid moviegoer who can beat you at useless movie trivia trivia; was the first in her family to graduate college; enjoys game nights with friends;

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