Chatejah George

Chatejah George

Chatejah George, a 23-year-old model and musician from Atlanta, is an entrepreneur of multiple talents. She founded C&C Movie Film Studio as an incubator for emerging creators to make music videos, films, and YouTube content.

Her studio is 20,000 sq ft with seven rooms, offering affordable rent for those who need it – making the space accessible to everyone.

Early Life and Education

Chatejah George, 23 years old and from Atlanta, is an aspiring model, musician and actress. She began pursuing her ambition to build a career in entertainment at the tender age of 15.

C&C Movie Film Studio in Riverdale, Georgia was recently opened by a young business owner to assist other aspiring creatives on their path towards success. Within its first year of operations, she has rapidly grown the business and created an expansive platform for independent filmmakers to produce content.

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Professional Career

Chatejah George, 23 years old and from Atlanta, is an aspiring model, musician and actress. As a teenager she began pursuing her dreams of building a career in entertainment.

As she began her journey, she noticed a lack of spaces for other creatives to use for making music videos, films and YouTube content. So she created C&C Movie Film Studio in Riverdale, Georgia to give up-and-coming moviemakers the support they require and space they deserve.

Her studio boasts seven rooms that can be changed at the client’s request, allowing her to create scenes that resemble elementary school classrooms, hospitals, jail cells and more. Plus, at $100 an hour she makes it accessible for creatives of all levels to use her facilities.

Achievements and Honors

Chatejah George, 23, is an up-and-coming Clayton County native with a remarkable resume. With expertise in music production, acting and modeling under her belt, George is also an aspiring entrepreneur who recently opened C&C Movie Film Studio in Riverdale enclave of Atlanta with high tech equipment that has gained attention from major media outlets like Complex and Yahoo! She even has her own YouTube channel where she showcases all her creations.

She doesn’t shy away from the limelight and has no plans to slow down in the future. She has big ambitions for the entertainment industry and an ambitious plan on how it should evolve. For now, she is focused on being a leader in her field while giving back to those in need and supporting those with financial support.

Personal Life

Chatejah George is an Atlanta-based actress, musician, model and YouTube creator who began her career at 15 years old. As a singer-pianist/clarinet player she has honed her craft through performances around the world.

George has achieved great success despite the challenges she encountered, reaching a large following on both YouTube and TikTok. She continues to inspire many through her YouTube channel and Tik Tok account.

Chatejah recently opened her own film studio in Riverdale, Georgia. The 20,000 sq ft space includes a salon, classroom, hospital, jail cell and more – providing an opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers to gain exposure they need for success. Chatejah hopes to collaborate with Tyler Perry, Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay in the near future.

Net Worth

Chatejah George has amassed an impressive net worth as a model, musician and aspiring actress. Her primary sources of income come from her social media platforms and YouTube videos.

At 23, this young businesswoman has made a positive impact on her community and established herself as an industry leader by opening up 20,000 square feet of film studio space at her own age.

Her YouTube account boasts 7.3 million views and she boasts 192,000 followers across social media accounts. Additionally, she’s been featured on Complex and Yahoo! magazines.

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