Charlie Puth Eyebrow

The Charlie Puth Eyebrow Rumor

Many rumors surround Charlie Puth’s unique eyebrow. While many fans of the singer have shaved off their right eyebrows to mimic his look, the real reason behind the strip of hair on his right brow is not that surprising. A dog attack left Puth with a scar on his face and deep scratches. The dog was abused, and he needed stitches on his right eyebrow. It was later revealed that Puth had lost the hair after a traumatic experience with the animal.

Charlie Puth’s infamous scar on his brow has been controversial for years. Many fans have chosen to shave their eyebrows in honor of their favorite actor. But there are also some who want to show their love to Charlie Puth without a scar. One fan has gone as far as a TikTok to show her adoration for the actor. Charlie Puth’s eyebrow scar is so iconic, it is a symbol of his fame.

Before Charlie Puth’s emergence as a pop star, he was an aspiring musician. His cover of Adele with Emily Luther won the Can You Sing? Perez Hilton sponsored the competition. This made him a household name and led to his collaboration with Selena Gomez. His duet partner on the 2016 song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is Selena Gomez. However, other rumored girlfriends have included Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Charlie Puth’s long-term love affair with Selena Gomez has caused speculations about his relationship with the singer. MTV reports that the singer and actress have been dating for a while. Nevertheless, the two celebrities have not yet been seen together. Puth’s sexy life has earned him fame and fortune. MTV recently published a biography that revealed that rumors have been swirling about his love life.

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