Charlie Puth Bulge

Charlie Puth Shows Off His New Bulge

Have you noticed the new bulge in Charlie Puth’s chest? He’s been tagged in several thirst trap photos. Recently, the singer shared two new photos on Instagram. In one of them, he’s wearing a pair of blue boxer briefs with a bulge, a brown shirt, and green socks. He captioned the photo with “Good Morning!” The Light Switch is coming!”

Charlie Puth showcased his toned physique in a series photos posted to Instagram stories. While posing in the mirror, he was wearing loose-fitting pants and tall black combat boots. He smiled and was holding a water bottle in another photo. As if to hide his bulge, he also wore a clear mask over his T-zone. In a separate post, he reprimanded his followers for “bodily shame”, reminding them to embrace their bodies and not hide them.

Charlie Puth showcased his new-sculpted upper body in several photos throughout 2018. In one photo, he sat in his boxer briefs, while another featured him lying in his make-up chair while his hairdresser tucked in his curls. Another photo shows him in a make-up chair while the hairdresser twirled and twirled his hair. The make-up artist covered his face in a beauty mask. The photo was liked by Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities.

Fans are also being teased by the singer’s new song, “Now.” Fans are encouraging the singer to release it. In the meantime, they’re getting his bulge fix via a new track. Fans are delighted with the singer’s new look! It’s hard to tell whether Charlie Puth’s new songs are related to his bulge or his upcoming t-shirt.

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