Chamberlain Fong’s

 Early Life and Education

Fong graduated from Roosevelt’s Dual Language Teacher Leadership (DLTL) master’s program and has worked in education for more than ten years since. She taught science and English-language learners for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) before hoping to lead one as an administrator.

Chamberlain was known for his height, yet detested nicknames that poked fun at it. Using his physical strength on the basketball court, he once scored 100 points and collected 55 rebounds in one game without ever fouling out.

Chamberlain was born into a political family; his father Joseph Chamberlain and half-sibling Austen both played key roles. Elected as the Conservative MP for Ladywood in 1918 and declining a junior ministerial post under David Lloyd George, Chamberlain introduced several reforms including reforming Poor Law and creating Local Government Act with its extensive range of reforms.

Professional Career

Wallace H. Fong began working for the Associated Press as a photo messenger in 1943 and served during World War II, working at most of the major political conventions and inaugurations across the country. Additionally, he served on their Los Angeles staff where he contributed numerous photographs that appeared on their covers; Chinese Digest also acknowledged him with several photos featured as covers in its November 13, 1936 issue; their October 1938 edition mentioned an annual photography contest held “by Wallace Fong, lensman for Chinese Digest.”

On June 24th 1980 in Torrance, California he passed away and was laid to rest at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Surviving him were his wife Pearl and son Wallace. An obituary appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on July 24th.

Personal Life

Fong first joined the Associated Press as a photographer during the early 1970s and covered many major political conventions and presidential inaugurations as well as sports events. Later he retired and relocated to California.

He was an active contributor to Chinese Digest magazine between 1936 and 1938, contributing photographs that appeared in its pages.

Chamberlain has found great success with her show Stupid Genius. The show has garnered wide media coverage and she even appeared on an American magazine cover! Additionally, Chamberlain is a social media influencer with over 16 million subscribers on YouTube; although, she was recently embroiled in some controversies regarding shopping app Dote which led her to cut all ties with Dote and go solo.

Net Worth

Chamberlain Fong derives much of her wealth from her immensely popular YouTube videos, according to social media analytics studies. One study estimated she made at least $120,000 yearly through just YouTube alone (not including sponsorships and other forms of income).

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