Catelynn And Tyler Clothing Line

The Catelynn and Tyler Clothing Line

The Catelynn and Tyler clothing line is a product of the two star’s joint effort to start a company to create a line of children’s clothing. It’s a feat of marketing and design that has garnered some criticism. Fortunately, the couple has been upfront about the flaws of the project. But the best part about the line is that they plan to offer the most affordable designs. In addition to the cheaper price tags, their products are made from American materials.

Despite a lack of new merchandise on their site, the couple has been active on social media. Fans have also seen the pair at a handful of shows. For instance, they have been on the Teen Mom OG show every Monday at 9pm. Aside from that, they’ve also been appearing on a number of other MTV programs including the reality series 16 and Pregnant.

Although the Catelynn and Tyler clothing line hasn’t yet been released for sale, the two have been using the MTV show to promote it. They are able to draw attention to their products by referring to it as the “Teen Mom OG” line, but they have opted not to include any adult pieces in the line.

However, there are many aspects of their new venture that are still a work in progress. While the “Teen Mom OG” stars have not revealed any new designs for their website, they have been taking orders via their Facebook page. Also, the two have been busy making their fall line. Their aim is to create a line that will be a hit, with a monetary return to be a part of a nonprofit organization named the Carly House.

One of the things that the couple has been most proud of is the way they have been able to turn their home into a business. They purchased the home in Burtchville, Michigan for $73,440 in March of 2016, and sold it for $175,000 in October of 2020. As a result, they are now in a position to purchase another home. This time, they have purchased a house in South Bend, Indiana.

Another thing that the pair have done is to use Instagram to advertise their new line. The name of the sexiest tidbit is that they have been able to earn money from ads on the platform. At the same time, they have been able to promote the “Reign Over Your Dreams” campaign to give customers a sneak peek at the products.

Although the pair have not yet announced a release date for their clothing line, they have been sharing the “Teen Mom OG” logo on all of their products. As of now, they haven’t revealed the specifics of their clothing line, but it’s probably safe to assume that they will be selling the same types of clothing that have been featured on the show.

Ultimately, the Catelynn and Tyler clothing lines may be too little too late. Unfortunately, some fans aren’t willing to pay the high shipping fees for their products.

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