Carson Thomas

The Life of Carson Thomas Miner

Carson Thomas returned to law enforcement last year after spending some time working in the private sector. Since then, he has held various roles within his department such as patrol officer, student resource officer, SWAT team member/leader/critical incident team leader/de-escalation and use of force trainer.

Carson contrasts hardliners like Kant who advocate an absolute prohibition against lying with those like himself who believe there to be a moral presumption against harmful lies and also advocated honesty as a virtue in an ethical sense.

Early Life and Education

Carson’s mother had Gordon syndrome, a genetic condition that affects body development and immunity, requiring frequent hospital visits for intensive care. Carson credits the experience gained at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital’s NICU with giving her “the strength of perseverance and a belief that anything is possible”.

Thomas was an active member of Holy Cross’ Black Student Union and earned exceptional grades during his time there. Additionally, he participated in multiple anti-Vietnam War rallies as he sought justice against American involvement in Southeast Asia.

Thomas adopted an eccentric conservative ideology in the 1980s that combined libertarianism and Black nationalist philosophy, leading him to oppose liberal economic programs designed to assist Black people while setting him at odds with national civil rights leaders and other Black activists.

Professional Career

Thomas has amassed an extensive body of professional experience. He has published books and articles on philosophical subjects like utilitarianism, happiness theory, metaethics, ethical relativism and more in publications like Philosophy & Public Affairs Journal Journal of Happiness Studies Quarterly Business Ethics Quarterly Quarterly etc.

Carson has distinguished himself in both academic and nonacademic circles through his service on several editorial boards of journals such as Business Ethics Quarterly, Philosophical Studies and Theoria; additionally he served as guest editor of Journal of Happiness Studies.

Thomas has also become known in basketball. This season he was honored as the SAC Defensive Player of the Year, leading his conference with 63 blocks. Additionally, he recorded double-digit scoring efforts in 22 games while notching five or more rejections six times during that same span of time.

Achievement and Honors

Carson Thomas Miner was proud to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, and was passionate about helping youth. In particular, he was dedicated to staffing the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) program he attended as a child himself and felt every young person should experience its benefits.

He was awarded the Carson-Newman Triumph Award, which honors an alum who has used their education and experiences from C-N to achieve success in their chosen fields while simultaneously serving others through servant-leadership approaches. He did all this.

Yolanda Bonnell of Toronto for Bug, published by Scirocco Drama/J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing; and Kim Senklip Harvey from Vancouver for Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story published by Talonbooks were all finalist in their writing categories. Winners will be announced later this summer.

Personal Life

Though most know Carson for his impressive scholarly works, few have had the privilege of getting to know him personally. Those who do will attest to his profound care for his family and other individuals in his life.

Kelley Thomas discovered during a routine ultrasound at 25 weeks into her pregnancy that Carson had both cleft palate and clubfeet conditions, prompting them to visit University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics for treatment.

Since that time, Carson has undergone more than 20 surgeries and received care at 15 pediatric departments. Carson enjoys thumb wrestling and checkers together with Victor, both sharing an interest for cars – something they recently had the unique chance of experiencing when joining Wood Brothers Racing Team at Charlotte in North Carolina for a weekend experience!

Net Worth

Carson left an estimated $300-million net worth to his family and various philanthropic organizations when he died.

Carson later turned to more comic roles on television, playing the fast-talking salesman Art Fern. Wearing large toupees, loud jackets, and sporting a pencil mustache, his buxom assistant was played by Carol Wayne.

Carson became involved with First Class Space Agency as an active participant during the late 1990s. Together with Thomas Michael Scroder he co-founded United Family Of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH), an offshoot of FFSA that developed two brand new scientific fields – Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-Anthropology. Carson owned Pantheon Elite Records privately as well as having his own YouTube channel offering informative documentaries.

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