Carrie Bradshaw Fanny Pack

Carrie Bradshaw Bags From the Sex and the City Reboot

As we’re sure you’ve already noticed, Carrie Bradshaw is back in a new Sex and the City reboot – and with her comes an array of new wardrobe options for the fashionista. The character has a long history of being the sartorial icon of the show, and while she may be a little older now, her style still has that distinctive eccentric, maximalist quality.

Handbags are one of her sartorial strengths. As a result, her collection of designer bags is quite impressive and she often takes the time to show them off. From sexy bags to statement-making clutches, here are some of her go-to styles from the series that we can shop now.

Fendi Baguette: Known as the ultimate Sex and the City accessory, this bag has always been one of Carrie’s favorite pieces in her closet. It made appearances on the original series and sparked a cult following in the early 2000s, inspiring divas like Britney Spears to add it to their own collections.

The Fendi Baguette became a style staple of Carrie’s closet because it was so versatile; she could wear it with a range of looks, from a casual denim shirt and jeans to a chic lace dress (season 2, episode 7). She also owned several teeny versions of the bag, including a nano version that’s only a few inches long.

Gucci Sparkler: This relic from the Tom Ford for Gucci spring/summer 2004 collection is perfect for a night on the town or an afternoon brunch date with your BFFs. It’s also super functional with its ombre design and green jeweled chain and fringe.

Manolo Blahnik Sandals: In addition to her rhinestone-encrusted pumps, Carrie carries a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals throughout the show. They’re a classic staple, but her sartorial expertise also means she knows how to make them feel fresh and modern with a pop of color or a few strategically placed embellishments.

Wedding Shoe: Blue wedding Manolos are central to the season’s first two episodes, as Mr. Big and Carrie get married. They’re also a crucial part of the series finale, when she leaves for Paris to scatter his ashes on the bridge that Big and Carrie walked across together in the original.

Carrie wears her Manolo Blahnik shoes in several scenes, but her signature wedding shoe was the blue-white-gold tuxedo-styled version that she wore for the ceremony. In addition to being an eye-catching piece, it also served as a great symbol of the relationship she was about to build with Big.

Her wedding gown was also a standout in the series. It was a dramatic, voluminous style that matched her signature gilded opera gloves. She paired it with square-toed Roger Vivier heels that are also a favorite of hers.

The outfit is a great example of the kind of sartorial excellence that the character embodies on the show, as it shows her love for detail and craftsmanship. The tulle is cut into a lace-like pattern that makes it look very expensive, while the gold-flock sleeves are trimmed with silver threading. She paired it with a matching silver belt to finish the look.

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