Carl Perkins Net Worth

Carl Perkins built his fortune through guitar playing. His estimated net worth stands at $674,100.

Blue Suede Shoes was written and recorded by him, later covered by Elvis Presley. Other hits of his included Matchbox and Honey, Don’t. Additionally, he collaborated with younger performers such as George Harrison, Paul Simon, Bono and John Fogerty.

Early Life and Education

Carl Perkins was born April 9, 1932, in Tiptonville, Tennessee. At 13 years old, Carl began writing music and playing guitar and quickly formed a band with his brothers Clayton and Jay to perform at local taverns – where they often had to contend with boisterous crowds fighting among themselves and drinking heavily.

Following World War II, he returned home and practiced law as well as working in public service. Awarded the Purple Heart during this time, he also worked as Knott County Commonwealth’s Attorney and in the State Legislature.

He continued recording and touring, inspired by him, alongside younger musicians. Additionally, he was an advocate for child abuse prevention as well as supporter of the arts; unfortunately he died of throat cancer in January 1998.

Professional Career

Carl Perkins is an esteemed Guitarist who has made a solid living from his talent. While he has amassed significant wealth through his career, Carl prefers leading an austere lifestyle.

At an early age, he became entranced with the Grand Ole Opry through his father’s radio and was inspired by Roy Acuff to request one from his parents; as they couldn’t afford one however, his father created one himself out of an old cigar box and broomstick.

Carl Perkins and his siblings began performing as the Perkins Brothers band at local clubs, eventually meeting and befriending Elvis Presley there. Later they would perform together; their first single Blue Suede Shoes became an international hit; it inspired numerous rockabilly musicians as a classic rockabilly tune.

Achievement and Honors

Carl Perkins was one of the most celebrated names in rock and country music. His hits, including “Blue Suede Shoes,” topped the pop, country, rhythm-and-blues charts simultaneously. Additionally, Perkins contributed hits for Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and other artists.

In 1964, Perkins made a tour of Great Britain alongside Chuck Berry and the Beatles – who were big fans of his work – receiving standing ovations at his sold-out venues.

The Beatles would cover some of his songs, such as “Matchbox” and “Honey Don’t.” In 1992, he released Friends, Family and Legends with Dolly Parton, the Judds, Willie Nelson and Willie Nelson among its lineup. He continued recording until his death from throat cancer in 1998 – where he is buried within his birthplace now hosting a museum dedicated to him.

Personal Life

Carl Perkins was one of the original architects of rock and roll; his groundbreaking guitar playing influenced major rock acts from Elvis Presley to The Beatles. He had an enormous impact.

Perkins wrote several hit singles for others, such as Dolly Parton’s “Silver and Gold” and George Strait’s “When You’re a Man on Your Own.” His last album “Go Cat Go!,” released in 1996, featured collaborations with John Fogerty, Paul McCartney, and Tom Petty among others.

Perkins rose to fame along with his brother Jay and their band the Perkins Brothers near Tiptonville, Tennessee. As a singer-songwriter-guitarist trio.

Net Worth

Carl Perkins currently boasts a Net Worth of $7 Million earned primarily through his career as a Guitarist.

He learned to play guitar by listening to the Grand Ole Opry on local radio with his father. Roy Acuff’s music inspired him to ask for one, but when they couldn’t afford one his father created an inexpensive alternative from a cigar box and broomstick.

Best known for co-writing Elvis Presley’s hit Blue Suede Shoes song, as well as co-writing two more hits – Matchbox and Honey Don’t. He also co-wrote Judds 1989 country hit “Let Me Tell You About Love”. Unfortunately he passed away of throat cancer and is buried at Lambuth University Cemetery in Jackson Tennessee.

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