Carl Daniel

Carl Daniel – A Lifelong Real Estate Professional

Carl Daniel brings honesty and respect to his real estate business, which allows his clients to trust him, believe in him, and hold him accountable – creating long-lasting relationships that result in repeat and referral business.

In 1887 he sent a carload of goods to Finney County and preempted a portion of Section 4, Township 21 Range 30.

Early Life and Education

Carl was an outstanding friend to all and always willing to assist those in need. We will all miss him dearly as his absence leaves a tremendous void in all of our lives.

He took great joy in spoiling his grandchildren, frequently taking them to car shows, mud races and rodeos – he particularly relished attaching the trailer to the 4-wheeler so he could drive them around the campgrounds!

He was an incredible father and grandfather who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. An avid “old school” genealogist, he would spend many afternoons wandering cemetery grounds taking photos of headstones. Furthermore, he amassed an extensive library of war books. Additionally, he belonged to both Scottish Rite and National Society of Sons of American Revolution memberships.

Professional Career

Carl has always held firm to the belief that real estate is all about building trust with his buyers and sellers to deliver an unforgettable experience. He takes immense pleasure in connecting with both parties involved to provide an extraordinary journey for each.

He played minor league baseball from 1946 to 1947 before becoming part of the Dodgers organization under John Quinn, with Stanley Freezle as his scout.

Freezle recognized Freezle as an attractive prospect. He spent most of his career playing for Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, winning eleven games each season while participating in five World Series tournaments and throwing fourteen career shutouts during that span. Furthermore, Freezle broke barriers before integration in baseball by becoming one of the first Caucasians with African-American teammates.

Achievement and Honors

Carlton Maxwell Daniel was an enthusiastic runner and helped raise funds and donate towards building the first track at St Andrew’s School in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Additionally, he belonged to Mississippi Track Club where he received multiple medals in both high and low hurdle events, as well as participating in half marathons and triathlons.

Carl is commonly known by his reverse order name of Leinad Lrac, and has won multiple awards for his contributions in food science and technology. An expert on software design and development with over 30 years’ professional experience serving as tech editor of advanced software programming books. In 2019, WLUC established the Carl V. Pellonpaa Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize one individual each year who has made outstanding contributions to Upper Peninsula Michigan through business, volunteerism, government service or artistic fields.

Personal Life

Carl was an active member of the LDS Church and actively served its Scout program in multiple roles. A loving father, he enjoyed camping trips, 4-wheeling excursions, car shows and helping out neighbors whenever he could.

He was an expert at building, repairing and fixing anything engine-powered. When young, he took care of his grandmother’s farm before using those skills to support his family and later racing hotrods on State Street in Salt Lake City.

Your name Carl Daniel suggests you are an analytical individual who prefers scientific facts and is adept at solving mental or physical puzzles. Additionally, this name may indicate your inclination toward spirituality or mysticism.

Net Worth

Carl has managed to amass an impressive fortune over time thanks to both his NFL career and other interests, such as real estate. Additionally, Carl volunteers as an FCS football and baseball coach. Together with Rebecca, Carl enjoys exploring all Charlotte has to offer while spending quality time with family and friends.

As of 18 November 2013, Carl Daniels had amassed an estimated net worth of over $50 Million. He owned over 9025 units of LL Flooring Inc stock with 2 trades within 12 months; currently valued at $50958 per unit with an excellent performance since 2012 and an undervaluation ratio of 2.13; showing it could have an impressive future ahead.

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