canal & adams

The Canal and Adams

This canal was the first American navigable waterway that connected the Atlantic Ocean with Great Lakes, drastically cutting transportation costs and spurring an unprecedented canal building boom that led to other important waterways being constructed throughout America.

Today, Mayor Eric Adams and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Rohit Aggarwala celebrated the groundbreaking of one of two long-delayed underground sewage overflow tanks to reduce further pollution in Gowanus Canal. A 3.6-acre public space will sit atop these $1.6 billion tanks set to be completed by 2028.

Early Life and Education

President John Quincy Adams saw internal transportation improvements as essential to shaping America’s future, so in July 1828 he started work on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal with proceeds from land sales. He imagined roads and canals that would foster trade and settlement across its expansive frontiers.

Adams campaigned tirelessly for a national university, the funding of scientific expeditions, and the establishment of an observatory despite opposition from critics.

At a time when most American families resided on farms, Adams understood the value of education. His father sent him off to school early and encouraged him to pursue public service careers such as law, French, Greek and Latin studies – in fact he kept a diary up until just before his death in 1848!

Professional Career

Adams’ life changed in 1922 when he met Alfred M. Bender, an insurance magnate and patron of the arts from San Francisco who encouraged his passion for photography while providing him with enough financial freedom to pursue it as a profession.

Adams gradually transitioned away from concert performance and toward professional photography; though he wouldn’t give up music entirely for some time after. Yet Adams would dedicate most of his later life to photography as fine art promotion.

In 1952, with Beaumont Newhall, Dorothea Lange and Minor White as co-founders, he co-created Aperture magazine. Aperture became his life’s mission of promoting fine photographic art; additionally he pioneered technical writing with several books published about photography as his trademarks.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Clay advocated during John Quincy Adams’s presidency in the 1820s for improvements in internal transportation using funds raised from Western land sales to improve roads and canals for commerce, agricultural markets, and settlement purposes.

Adams initiated construction for the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal on July 4, 1828 as President. This major public works project linked Great Lakes with Ohio River system.

Since becoming mayor, Adams has avoided setting out hard metrics to gauge his success and has been relatively indifferent on issues such as housing affordability. Furthermore, he has failed to enlist support from councilmembers whom he regards as allies for his cause.

Personal Life

Charles Francis Adams made diaries a part of his daily routine in his career that encompassed politics, business and art – keeping them from 1820-1880 and providing an extensive and personal record of his life as an undergraduate at Harvard, manager of his father’s business interests, historian biographer biographer Free Soil political leader and Republican Congressman.

Adams was an influential conservationist before such terms even existed; an avid letter writer but most noted for his powerful photographs depicting unspoilt American landscapes that carried more weight and had greater impact than words ever could. Influencing everyone from politicians and bureaucrats to newspaper editors and fellow members of Sierra Club.

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