Burt Mustin Net Worth

Burt Mustin net worth was an acclaimed character actor who left behind an extraordinary legacy. Though he began acting later than most actors do, he managed to amass an immense fortune thanks to film and television roles.

He made many memorable guest appearances on popular shows during the 1950s and 60s, such as Leave It to Beaver (Gus the Fireman) and The Andy Griffith Show (Jud).

Early Life and Education

After graduating Pennsylvania Military College in 1903, Burt Hill Mustin worked as both an engineer and later car salesman. Additionally, he participated in amateur productions such as Pittsburgh Savoyards and Barbershop Harmony Society productions; also acting and singing in amateur performances like those put on in Arizona where his performance of Detective Story caught director William Wyler’s eye and earned him an offer to appear in it on screen.

Mustin began acting later in life but soon found success, appearing in over 150 television shows and films – most notably as Gus the fireman from Leave It to Beaver and Jud Fletcher from The Andy Griffith Show. Additionally, Mustin made money through commercial appearances, voice-over work, real estate investments and investments of his own properties.

Professional Career

Burt Mustin was a remarkable character actor who left an immense legacy in the entertainment industry. Although starting late, he amassed significant wealth through film and television roles; further bolstered by investments in real estate properties.

Over his long career, he appeared as a guest star in numerous iconic television programs like Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, Abbott & Costello Show, Gale Storm Show, Cavalcade of America Treasury Men in Action Mackenzie Raiders General Electric Theater etc. Additionally he is best remembered as Mr Finley on Great Gildersleeve as well as Otis on The Texan.

Mustin appeared in over 150 film and television productions during his long career, before passing away at age 92 in Glendale, California in 1977.

Achievement and Honors

Mustin became known as an iconic character actor despite beginning late in his career. His legacy will live on through generations to come.

He was well known for making frequent guest appearances on television shows like Leave It to Beaver, Petticoat Junction and The Andy Griffith Show from 1955 through 1962 where he played Gus the fireman as well as appearing twice as Old Uncle Joe on The Lucy Show in 1967.

Deerfield made his film debut in 1951’s Detective Story and went on to star in various films such as Talk About a Stranger, The Sellout, The Silver Whip, Half a Hero She Couldn’t Say No She Couldn’t Say No Desperate Hours Man with Gun Storm Center and Sheepman during his lengthy career.

Personal Life

Burt Mustin was an iconic character actor from his time who appeared on numerous popular sitcoms of his day, such as Leave It to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show, appearing regularly over several episodes over time. Additionally, he held recurring roles on shows such as The Great Gildersleeve and Date With the Angels.

“He made his acting debut in 1951 with Detective Story and immediately established himself as an exceptional actor. Known for giving depth and authenticity to his characters despite their age.”

Mustin passed away at age 92 in January 1977 and was interred at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery. His legacy remains one of television’s greatest character actors.

Net Worth

Burt Mustin, an esteemed TV actor, amassed an impressive fortune as the result of both his acting career and investments in real estate. Throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s he often guest starred on such popular series as The Adventures of Kit Carson, Abbott & Costello Show, and The Lone Ranger – earning himself this fortune through both.

He appeared in several television films, such as It’s a Great Life, Cavalcade of America, The Public Defender and Mackenzie’s Raiders; additionally, he made guest appearances on several popular programs like Leave It to Beaver, All in the Family, Our Miss Brooks and Dragnet.

Burt Mustin was born February 8, 1884 and died January 28th 1977 at 92 years old.

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