Bruce Oliver

Bruce Oliver

Bruce Oliver has earned recognition in Marquis Who’s Who for his success as an accomplished Alexander Technique teacher, helping people to realize their full performance potential, heal repetitive strain injuries and find poise.

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Early Life and Education

Bruce Oliver was born and raised on a family farm near Swan Lake in Hartford, CT where he learned to appreciate hard work. Bruce worked both on his farm and at a lumber mill locally – often helping out neighbors and friends with their chores as well.

He was an active member of his church and family, always making time for school, sports, or church activities involving his daughters and grandchildren.

He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Cheryl Oliver; sons Mitch and Matt Oliver, daughters Sharon Weems and Gail Stanfield, grandchildren Madelyn Johnson, Tanner Jackson, Meagan Duty Austin Kunkle Jay’lah Oliver; as well as great-grandchildren Renz and Ivey Grace Oliver.

Professional Career

Bruce Oliver has over two decades of experience consulting on pricing, sales and marketing issues related to travel, transport and industrials industries. Additionally, he has conducted commercial due diligence reviews for private equity investors as well as strategic investors.

He has published many articles in various journals. His current research interests lie in professional ethics, particularly accounting ethics. He investigates how ethics culture impacts personal value systems of corporate managers.

He specializes in teaching the Alexander Technique, a method of body learning which has enabled many to unlock their full potential and heal repetitive strain injuries, while discovering poise. For over thirty years now he has shared this teaching passion by helping his students reach their true potential.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has received numerous honors throughout his career. Most notably, he was recognized as a Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement recipient – an accolade given to those who have made significant impacts in society through positive influence.

Oliver has also been an instrumental leader in the business community, serving on the boards of several organizations and giving numerous presentations at multiple conferences; additionally he has contributed articles to both business magazines and blogs.

Oliver Oliver has been instrumental in driving PinPoint Media forward. In 2020 he invested his Directors Loan towards rebranding and hiring of new staff as well as service diversification. Furthermore, in the community, Oliver spearheaded an initiative known as Reidy which offers one-on-one homework support for students at Mountain View Alternative High School.

Personal Life

Bruce Oliver was a proud member of both the Harvard Club of Naples and Marine Corps League, serving on both boards respectively. Additionally, he held positions as director at Greater Hartford Community College as well as an adjunct professor with Barney School of Business with University of Hartford.

Oliver is dedicated to both his career in business as well as to his family life. He is proud of having four children: Cathy Aiken (Teddy), Wayne Oliver, Allison Turnbull and Neil Oliver as well as two grandchildren – Kyle Long and Callie Long.

He enjoys bowling, hiking and cooking in his free time; is an avid follower of sports and music; has a keen sense of humor; is a wonderful friend and has left many lasting positive impressions throughout his life.

Net Worth

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Oliver boasts an enormous net worth, yet does not flaunt it to show it off. Instead, he uses his wealth for charitable giving such as Heros for Hire donations or funding the Justice League.

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