Brooke David

Brooke David

Brooke David has been an influential force in the business world since 2006. She and her team uphold a high standard of integrity, offering their valued clients top-notch service.

She loves the outdoors and believes in living off the land. Together with her husband Dave, she has built three homesteads in Alaska to pursue this passion.

Early Life and Education

On February 19th, 1982 in Port Huron, Michigan, Brooke David was born. While attending high school he developed an interest in sports and later moved overseas to study law in Australia.

Brooke developed an interest in international relations and politics during his time in Australia, leading him to pursue graduate classes in political science and public speaking.

One of Brooke’s most memorable experiences was witnessing a replica of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This experience solidified his appreciation of the Old World and served as inspiration for future endeavors. On his most recent trip, Brooke visited both landmarks – Mount Sinai, Egypt’s tallest mountain – along with spending quality time with his wife of 18 years Katharine – which proved to be one of the highlights of the entire expedition.

Professional Career

Brooke’s professional career is that of designer and owner of Clothes Over Bro’s, a women’s clothing line. She shares an affinity for design with her mother Victoria and takes great care in overseeing the business operations.

Brooke miraculously becomes pregnant despite being told she is sterile and cannot have children. The twin boys named Davis and Jude that result from this miraculous journey are truly a miracle for Brooke.

She decides to return to Tree Hill and reopen Karen’s Cafe with Haley, her best friend. However, the decision of moving back home with Nathan proves difficult for her as there are many friends in town such as Mouth and Rachel Sawyer; additionally she has made friends with James Lucas Scott – the son of Haley James Scott who she used to room with.

Achievements and Honors

Brooke David is an artist who has created many artworks over his life. He belongs to several organizations and regularly exhibits his artwork at art shows.

Brooke has earned numerous awards and recognitions for his work. Additionally, he earned military accolades during World War II for his service in the United States Army.

He has received numerous intermicronational awards for his diplomatic services, friendship and assistance to other micronations.

Brooke has been honored with the title of Sovereign Lord Mayor of Ameristralia and has created several dynastic orders to recognize individuals for their contributions to the micronation.

Personal Life

Brooke Burke has a long-standing history of relationships. She was previously married to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher and is currently dating former Baywatch star David Charvet from France.

Life & Style reports that the couple began dating in 2005, became engaged in 2006 and tied the knot aboard a yacht in St. Barts on Friday night, according to Life & Style.

Rain and Shaya, as well as daughters Neriah and Sierra from her previous marriage, live with them at Chateau Charvet in Malibu where they resided until 2018. After divorcing in 2018, the couple owns a property called Chateau Charvet that served as their home until 2018.

Net Worth

Brooke Burke is a model and actress best known for her appearances in Playboy, Maxim, FHM and Stuff magazines. In addition to modeling and acting, she hosted the TV shows “Wild On” and “Rock Star.”

Her net worth is estimated to be $30 million, enabling her to lead an extravagant life.

She and her husband David Charvet own several properties throughout the US. Their primary residence is their Malibu home.

Brooke and David were married from 2006 until 2018, but divorced two years later in 2018. They have two children together – Heaven Rain and Shaya Braven.

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