broken olives

Breaked Olives – How Do They Affect Your Net Worth?

Olives contain high concentrations of oleic acid, an unsaturated monounsaturated fat which has been found to help lower cholesterol. They also provide antioxidants such as Oleuropin, Hydroxytyrosol and Oleonalic acid which work to neutralise free radicals within our bodies and protect us against free radical damage.

Soak olives in water for 2-3 days, changing out the water daily, before applying a solution of one part salt per 10 parts water over them.

Net Worth

Net worth is an estimate of your financial status that accounts for all your assets (such as money, property and investments) less all your liabilities ( including money owed for unpaid child support payments, medical bills or court ordered alimony payments). It can help create budgets, encourage wise spending habits and motivate debt repayment as well as serve as an indicator of retirement readiness. Liabilities could include credit card balances, mortgage or car loans debt, unpaid child support obligations or court ordered alimony payments among others.

Sort and discard any olives with damaged flesh or pits. Place remaining olives one by one onto a cutting board and strike each with a mallet or pebble just enough to crack their flesh. Store these olives in stoneware jars covered with cold water until bitterness subsides after about ten days of treatment.

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