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A Man Wanted For Murder and Aggravated Assault is on the Run

MACON, GA — Authorities issued a statewide Blue Alert against 32-year-old Brentson Bernard Thomas after they allege he shot at a detention officer and are charging him with murder and aggravated assault.

In March 1951, Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm traveled to Memphis in order to record what is widely regarded as the first rock and roll record, Rocket 88.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was known as an engaging emcee of his local Beale Street talent show and used this platform to draw audiences and feature musicians on their way to becoming stars – such as B.B. King, Bobby Bland and Ike Turner who began performing their trade in local clubs under his tutelage.

Thomas was often overshadowed by Ike Turner (from whom the song Cadillac Boogie was borrowed). Yet his Rocket 88 song played an essential part in popularizing Southern soul to wider audiences. His energy and passion for life was infectious.

This compilation of his 1951-1956 sides provides a much fuller portrait of an R&B vocalist who, while never quite reaching the pinnacles, wasn’t as inconsequential as some critics have claimed. Material here ranges from gritty jump blues to 1956 rock & roll hits that showcase his ability to navigate dance crazes.

Professional Career

Henry County Sheriff’s Office says 32-year-old Brenston Thomas, from McDonough apartment complex, is wanted for shooting at detention officer at McDonough apartment complex. Investigators are still searching for a female who may have helped Brenston evade law enforcement authorities.

He formed a band with Ike Turner called the Kings of Rhythm, and in 1951 they produced what some historians consider the first rock and roll song ever: “Rocket 88.” Although credited to Jackie Brenston’s Delta Cats (which did not exist), Turner played the tenor saxophone in that group.

This record featured one of the earliest examples of guitar distortion, due to an accident during a session at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The song became an immediate success and provided Brenston with the necessary push towards starting his solo career.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was plagued with health issues, yet continued to produce hits for WDIA despite them. He became best-known for the Funky Penguin song which led to an extravagant stage outfit and salacious syncopations; also, Push and Pull became an R&B #1.

MCDONOUGH, Georgia (Atlanta News First) – The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force has made an arrest in relation to Brenston Bernard Thomas’ shooting of Henry County detention officer William Browne as well as killing another individual at an apartment complex in McDonough on Tuesday morning. Investigators believe 32-year-old Brenston Bernard Thomas was driving a 2020 gray Toyota Camry bearing Georgia license plate CKD-8148 when this occurred.

Before English spelling became standardised, spelling variations such as Bryenton and Brinston were widely seen; even now the name Brianston Thomas can still often be mistyped.

Personal Life

Brentson Thomas, 32 years old and wanted in connection with the shooting of an apartment detention officer is on the run from police. They are searching for him.

Investigators believe he is considered dangerous, so anyone seeing him should remain away. Additionally, Henry County Sheriff’s Office released photos of two individuals suspected of helping him avoid authorities.

Ike Turner recorded what some historians consider the first rock and roll record with Sam Phillips at Sun Studio in Memphis in 1951 – Rocket 88 but was originally attributed to Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats; as such, it caused friction between Turner and his bandmates, leading him to eventually leave them all in favor of working solely as musician and talent scout for Phillips.

Net Worth

After Rocket 88 became successful, Brenston Thomas left the Tophatters and formed his own band with Lowell Fulson. Later he joined Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm but never got the opportunity to perform his hit onstage due to refusance from Ike Turner himself not to upstage him. Following several years with Turner, Brenston quit music altogether and turned into an alcoholic; ultimately passing away without being remembered in 1979.

Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett credits Brenston Thomas’ arrest to the combined efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies from multiple counties and states, including Fulton, Rockdale, Bibb and Henry County Sheriffs offices, Georgia State Patrol, and U.S. Marshals.

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