Body Found In Amarillo

A Body Found in Amarillo, Texas

Earlier this month, police in Amarillo, Texas found a body on a park bench. Although details of the body are sketchy, the police are investigating the case. It is possible that the body could have been that of a woman.

Shareena Ann Webster

Earlier this week, former teacher Shareena Ann Webster was found dead in her Amarillo home. The 36-year-old woman was known for her big heart and her big smile. She was an avid softball player and attended church. She also loved to spend time with her daughter, Oaklyn. Her family included nieces and nephews. She was well-known and loved by her community. Webster was a 10-year teacher at Oakdale Elementary in Amarillo. She recently began working as a learning leader for the Region 16 Education Service Center.

According to police, the woman’s body was found in her home with multiple bullet wounds. Police also found shell casings at the scene. She was found by her 5-year-old daughter. She called her grandmother and her mother, Patricia Byington, who called police. The mother told police that her daughter had left for Colorado to meet a romantic interest.

Webster had recently moved into a new neighborhood in February. Amarillo Police Department Homicide unit is currently investigating the incident. The neighbor’s surveillance video shows the suspect arriving at Webster’s home at about 3 a.m. Several shell casings were found in the backyard. The suspect used a ladder to enter the home.

Gary Garcia

Using a GPS, a tree trimmer in the Panhandle found the skeletal remains of Gary Romeo Garcia. The 30-year-old man was last seen on July 30th, but he wasn’t reported missing until four days later. The Amarillo Police Department is investigating the incident.

The body was found on the outskirts of the city. The tree trimmer’s GPS led them to an area near Highway 287 and the Dumas highway. The body was found next to the television signal for the KFDA Channel 10.

Despite being found on the side of the road, the Amarillo Police Department has not yet released the cause of death. While the body was found in a barrow ditch, investigators have stated that the cause of death was not immediately obvious.

A man named Nicholas Benjamin Tafoya has been arrested in connection with Garcia’s death. Tafoya has been indicted on several charges, including murder, aggravated robbery and evading arrest. He faces a maximum of life in prison for the first-degree murder charge. He also faces an unknown municipal court charge. He has been held in lieu of $570,000 bond.

Carolyn Karp

Sadly, Carolyn Karp was not able to reap the benefits of the golden handshake in the first place. She was burned to the bone in a 1992 fire, but that’s not the only crime she’s had to endure. After a thorough investigation by Amarillo Police, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

The Amarillo Police Department is asking for your help in finding the culprit. If you have any information on Carolyn Karp’s slaying, please do not hesitate to contact APD at 686-4300. The reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprit is nominal, but there are no guarantees that the case will be closed in the near future. The department has several avenues for locating the culprits of crime, but is particularly interested in tips from the public. Hopefully, your efforts will prove fruitful. This is the perfect time for the Amarillo Police Department to prove its mettle. Hopefully, they will not only get the bad guys off the street, but may even bring you one step closer to resolving the mystery of your family member’s death.

Otis James Williams

Several days ago, the mug shot of Otis James Williams was featured on America’s Most Wanted. Some of you may be wondering what happened to the innocent man. The FBI says they have DNA evidence and other leads, but that they do not know the killer’s identity.

The 26-year-old man was in California when Morton was murdered. He was not involved in the murder. However, the Amarillo Police Department is investigating the death.

The body was found in a concrete drainage ditch. Amarillo Emergency responders were called to the scene. An ambulance was dispatched to take the man to the hospital. The man was found armed with a gun. The police officers saw him attempting to shoot himself. They shot him to protect themselves.

The man was originally from Texas, but lived in the Gilpin area east of Newlin. He had five grandchildren. His wife is deceased, as well as two daughters. He has three brothers in Sudan and Wheeler.

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