BJ Olive

BJ Olive, CEO of Olive Garden Restaurants

Olive Garden is an Italian-themed family restaurant chain. Offering affordable yet high-quality cuisine in an intimate environment, their dishes provide a healthier alternative to traditional fats.

By employing 16S rDNA meta-barcoding, we investigated how the root endosphere microbiota assembled itself during spring and winter in Frantoio and Leccino cultivars that are susceptible to cold temperatures. It was interesting that several AMF fASVs became depleted or increased during this time in both cultivars.

Early Life and Education

As a child, BJ Olive was a tomboy and loved riding horses. She also held an immense appreciation for nature and outdoor exploration and spent much of her free time exploring nearby wilderness areas. As an adult she worked as both a nurse and teacher.

Roger and Sheila moved to Omaha when he was stationed at Offutt AFB. She attended St Agnes and Holy Name schools before volunteering at Florence Stables as an avid reader.

As soon as they moved to Bethany, she joined the Nardin community of faith and enjoyed making Bethany her place of solstice.

Professional Career

BJ knows the key to strong relationships is listening closely and anticipating your needs before you even know they exist. She has a firm commitment to nurturing internal talent by offering programs designed to assist her team members grow professionally.

Bj is an active member of Mt Olive Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee and volunteers with its High School Ministry. Her husband Steve serves as Pastor of Evangelism there. Together they have three children – Mitch, Marcy and Matt.

bj olive is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, sex or sexual orientation of employees at any stage in their employment with us; nor on basis of race, religion, color, ancestry national origin physical or mental disability genetic information and blood trait information marital or familial status and pregnancy.

Personal Life

BJ Adams and Michael Adams are exceptional partners both personally and professionally, living happily together in Aspen, Colorado with two dogs – Olive the black lab and Sebastian (her beloved black Lab), or exploring Explore Booksellers together. BJ loves animals immensely and regularly feeds several thousand birds in her area! She credits their close bond for giving her strong values that have allowed her to become so successful; their family includes two sisters, one brother and a son!

Net Worth

Net worth is calculated by subtracting assets (stocks, real estate and savings) from liabilities (mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loans and car loans). There are a variety of strategies you can employ to increase your net worth, including saving regularly, investing in income-generating assets and decreasing debt. Our free Empower Personal DashboardTM can be an invaluable way of tracking both assets and liabilities as well as devising a plan to pay down debt faster.

BJ enjoys helping his clients attain their financial and family goals by teaching them to systematically save and use their home to increase equity.

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