Betty Mahmoody Net Worth

Betty Mahmoody Net Worth – How Much Is Betty Mahmoody Worth?

Betty Mahmoody is an American author, speaker and President of One World: For Children organization. Her most acclaimed work is Not Without My Daughter which was later made into a movie.

Michigan mother Susan Tolon’s story of fleeing her Iranian husband has received international coverage. Through her organization and lobbying efforts, she now continues to assist families who find themselves in similar situations and work toward getting laws changed that protect Americans in similar positions.

Early Life and Education

Betty Mahmoody was born June 9, 1945, in Alma, Michigan and lived a relatively normal American life until she began experiencing health issues in her thirties – at which time she met Moody (an Iranian physician intern intern).

Moody took Betty and their daughter Mahtob on what he promised would be a two-week holiday to his native country in 1984. Betty begged Moody not to go, yet reluctantly agreed out of fear he might kidnap Mahtob if she failed.

Not Without My Daughter became an international bestseller and inspired Betty to establish an organization and advocate for legal reforms to protect against international child kidnapping. Sally Field later played Betty in the 1991 Hollywood movie version. Following publication, this event inspired Betty to start advocating against international child abduction.

Professional Career

Betty Mahmoody is an American author, public speaker, and the President of One World: For Children. Her best-known book is Not Without My Daughter – which later became a movie.

She is an expert in international child abduction and works to raise awareness of this issue. Additionally, she advocates tirelessly on behalf of families in similar situations and has helped many individuals as well as change laws for better protection of America’s citizens.

She keeps her personal life private, refusing to disclose details regarding her dating or marriage status. At 74 years old and currently single, Mahtob adopted as her first name upon leaving Iran with her husband; both she and Mahtob now reside in the United States.

Achievement and Honors

Mahmoody rose to international recognition following the publication and adaptation of her book Not Without My Daughter into a movie with Sally Field, becoming a worldwide lecture celebrity and crusader against international child abduction. She testified before state legislatures and congressional committees; was president/co-founder of One World: For Children; an organization which promotes understanding between cultures while offering security and protection to children living in bi-cultural marriages.

Betty Mahmoody, currently aged 74 and living in Michigan, US, has received many honors and accolades for her efforts across various fields. Betty prefers keeping her personal life and romantic life private – hard work has allowed her to attain what she desired in life with great success.

Personal Life

Mahmoody, a Michigan State University Phi Beta Kappa graduate, regularly speaks about her experiences in Iran around the globe and has appeared on various television talk shows both locally and nationally.

Mahmoody left Alpena, Michigan with her four-year-old daughter Mahtob to visit her husband’s family in Iran for what was intended to be a two week visit in 1984; instead she never made it back. Her harrowing tale of courage and resourcefulness became a global bestseller and the basis of the 1991 movie Not Without My Daughter.

She has received multiple awards and honors from various organizations worldwide, such as being an active member of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and lifetime honorary initiate of Omicron Delta Kappa. Additionally, she serves as president of One World: For Children which promotes understanding between cultures while protecting children in international child custody cases.

Net Worth

Betty Mahmoody’s net worth has been estimated by various online sources at anywhere between $1-5 Million, which she earned as a professional writer.

Mahtob’s book became an instant classic and propelled her into an exciting world of book signings, media appearances, lectures and advocating on behalf of families caught up in international child kidnapping cases. She became an advocate for legal reforms to combat this abhorrent practice.

Moody was still grappling with his inner turmoil. He kept photos from their happier times together, reminding his daughters how much he cared about them. Like any Iranian man, Moody carried with him the fear that one day, he may need to return home; leaving his family would mean too much loss.

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