Best Wrizz Team

How to Build the Best Wrizz Team in World of Warcraft

You’ll want to concentrate on heroes that can do the most damage if you want to build the best Wrizz team. Athalia, a sub DPS who can deal damage and provide AoE through furniture, is another option. Ferael is a great CC choice because she will deny enemy heroes energy which is great in the late game.

If you don’t like to use melee heroes, Silvina can be a great choice for Wrizz. Her damage is good and she rarely gets into trouble. It’s important to be able to use your shield when you have a hero. Wrizz will not allow you to use your shield to protect him.

Another great Wrizz team strategy involves spamming every spell as quickly as possible. The first spell you cast should be energy regen, and you should use Lucius or Nemora’s healing spell before you use Wrizz’s Ults. Dura’s tears can be used occasionally to replenish your Ults. However, it is not recommended. You will also need to save your 5 heroes lvl 1 so that you have a full team for the next fight. Tasi can be used as a backup if you are unable to do so.

Since its inception, the classic five-pull comp has been a hit with players. This comp is still viable for late game play, even though it relies on Eironn’s SI to make it work. Despite the fact that it’s a five-pull team, you’ll still need a CC support hero and a healer.

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