Best Town Hall 3 Base

Building the Best Town Hall 3 Base

When you are in town hall 3 and you are planning to build a town hall, you must have a strong and effective base. A good base will protect the town hall and your resources. It should have a strong perimeter and some high-hp buildings. This will make it possible to defend the town hall against giants. You must also strategically place your defenses to be most effective against barbarians and archers.

When you are planning your base, you should keep in mind the different levels. You will need less time to complete lower levels, whereas higher levels require more time. The lower levels will allow you to practice building before you advance to the next level. Also, you can build less complex buildings compared to the higher levels. You should also try to build the best town hall 3 base for attack.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while building your base is the type of defenses you want to use. A strong mortar base will allow you to kill ground troops within the range of four to eleven and do splash damage. It can also be used against giants, goblins, archers, and goblins. Make sure that your mortar base is well protected. To prevent an enemy from attacking your base, you can also build buildings outside of the walls.

A solid Builder Hall 3 base can keep your opponents at bay, and help you reach higher levels of the game. It will have a strong perimeter, well-built buildings, and lots of traps and splash defenses. It will also help you rise on the trophies. To keep attackers away, you can also create a trap.

The best town hall 3 base will have the highest defense ratio. High defense ratios mean that attackers won’t be able to penetrate them and they will lose their chances of attacking. Building a high-defense base is the first priority for a good base, as it makes it easier for you to defend against attackers. This base is safer than one that is divided or divided into layers.

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