Best Toppings For Sea Fairy

Best Toppings For Sea Fairy

Using the best toppings for sea fairy is a great way to improve your sea fairy and boost its ATK and cooldown. Toppings such as Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate can make this cookie even more powerful. Swift Chocolate also gives an extra 3% ATK boost while reducing the sea fairy’s cooldown.

There are three types of toppings available for the sea fairy cookie. You can use Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almond. The first two give the flat attack buff, while the latter grants bonuses if equipped three or five times. However, this skill does not work on summoned enemies.

Getting the Sea Fairy Cookie is not an easy task. You will have to make several attempts before you’ll succeed. You can also use skill powders and Soulstones to raise the cookie’s rank. This will help you increase the chance of getting the legendary cookie and help you become the owner of the Dream of the Tower.

The second best topping for sea fairy is Swift Chocolate. It lowers the cooldown of the Soaring Compassion move, which means you can use this move more frequently. This makes the cookie more durable and less likely to be destroyed by other players. Solid Almond also increases the sea fairy’s resistance to damage, making it a great choice for team tanks. However, it has a limited use, and you can only use it five times on a cookie at a time.

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