Best Th5 Base

How to Build the Best TH5 Base

Having a good Town Hall 5 base is crucial if you want to survive in clan war leagues or against village attacks. This type of base has 45 buildings that you can use to build your defenses. These buildings range from traps to town halls, and can be constructed in different configurations. It also comes with 100 walls of level 5.

A good TH5 base has three main defenses: the mortar, air defense, and wizard tower. The mortar is placed in the middle compartment and protects all other defences. The air defence protects you from air attacks, while the wizard tower deals with air splash damage. You should also place a mortar in the southern portion of your base to protect it from spam attacks.

Building outside the walls is an option, but you must make sure the castle is well-protected. Depending on your war strategy, you may need to sacrifice some of your defenses to create a castle. It is also important to place offensive and defensive equipment near the castle. This way, powerful troops won’t be able to get close to it. This layer of protection is an excellent way to keep your castle safe.

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