Best Th11 Attacks

Best TH11 Attacks – How to Three-Star Most TH11 Bases

You’ve found the best TH11 attacks here. This simple attack strategy can three-star most TH11 bases even without the Siege Machine. This strategy is most effective against TH11 base with a compact design and weaker defenses. You can use the Zap Witch to set up funnels to both sides of your base, and use your Golems as tanks to attack your opponent’s core.

While the new spells and troops make attacking a lot easier, new units and defenses can also complicate your strategy. This makes it important to be aware of your options in the Town Hall 11 beta. The best TH11 attacks are those that require no professional skills, and use your Stone Slammer and Lightning Spell to get the upper hand. This strategy is important to avoid losing your most valuable units.

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