Best Royale Giant Deck

Best Royal Giant Deck

The best Royal Giant deck is the one that has the most powerful attack and defense abilities. It also has the Dark Prince and Mother Witch, which are powerful cards that can alter the outcome of a game. The basic strategy for this deck is to use the Royal Giant as often as possible, then counterattack with the Dark Prince or activate the King Tower.

This deck also has two win conditions: the Electro Giant and Graveyard. The first should be used in the early game, while the latter should be used later in the game. The latter works best when combined with a unit that can tank tower damage, such as the Musketeer or Mini Pekka. The former can counter push and kite units into the opposing lane. The former can also help with the latter, and the latter should be played during the midgame.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a deck is its win conditions. If you’re trying to win at a high level, you’ll want to build a deck that’s strong against a beatdown. The Royal Giant gives you an incredible advantage over your opponent. The main damage on your tower will depend on the win conditions.

The Royal Giant is a powerful card with a high life and is very difficult to remove. Because it deals so much damage, it’s important to protect this card as much as possible. Its high life means it can be vulnerable to high damage cards, and it takes time to kill it. It’s also an F2P friendly card, which means you’ll want to build a deck with the Royal Giant in it.

For the best Royal Giant deck, you’ll want to use the Royal Giant as often as possible. Having barbarians in front of it will soak up the damage it deals and help protect the Royal Giant from enemy troops. Also, the Royal Giant has the ability to take out half of an opponent’s arena tower. In addition, you’ll want to use Hog+Freeze if you have the opportunity to.

The best Royal Giant deck will be one that focuses on outnumbering your opponents. This deck is especially good at countering the Rage Challenge, which forces opponents to prepare for a rage challenge. Your opponents have to prepare for this with the Skeleton Army, Skeletons, Bats, or even a Zap spell.

Those who are more adventurous can try playing with a Giant Skeleton. This powerful monster will help you rage in the arena, and will distract your enemies. It can even be the difference between winning and losing. Ultimately, it comes down to how you build the deck around the Giant Skeleton.

The best royale giant deck can be as complex as you want it to be. This deck uses spells and abilities that will maximize the effectiveness of your troops and make your opponents less likely to be able to defeat you.

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