Best Royal Arena Deck

The Best Royal Arena Deck

The best Royal Arena deck is one that can rely on royal hogs. These creatures attack directly to the tower and can deal good damage to it. In addition, they can be protected by a fireball, which is a great move during the early game. Other great cards to have in your deck are a mini Pekka to act as a tank. Musketeers and bats are other great options for the end game.

There are many different Arena 7 decks available for this arena type. Some of these decks have unique win conditions that can help you reach Frozen Peak. Other popular Arena 7 decks include Royal Hog, Three Musketeers, and Royal Giant. These cards have very good win conditions, and you can play them without legends for a more balanced deck.

Another option for a Clash Royale deck is a deck that focuses on area damage. This deck pairs well with splash damage units and can produce a ton of damage. A flying electro dragon is also an excellent option if you want a fast source of damage. As you can see, there are plenty of options to make your Royal Arena deck better.

A hog rider deck can be a surprise for your opponents. While it lacks legendary cards, its giant skeleton will block enemies’ attacks. The skeleton also offers a good defense option against the prince and Pekka. It also offers some support to spell cards. And if your enemy does manage to kill your hog rider, the damage he deals will save you a lot of elixir.

The Tombstone deck is also good, but has limited defence and is very easy to counter. It’s best suited for Arena Four, Five, and Six. However, it does not have much defence and is therefore not ideal for Arena Seven. In these games, it’s important to know your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the right move for the situation.

A mega knight deck has become extremely popular in arena 7. It is unlocked only in arena 7, but has a lot of winning cards. It can be used for defending when your opponent pushes your tower and damages your troops. However, it’s important to protect the Mega Knight with a balloon or knight to keep it safe.

The best royal arena deck is one that can defend against the 15-elixir push and can provide double lane pressure. Another good option is a Bandit or Ram deck. Both of these decks can provide good air-to-ground ratios. In addition, the Pekka deck can also withstand an attack by 15-elixir push.

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