Best Nature For Torterra

Best Nature For Torterra in Pokemon Generations

It’s important to consider the types of moves that your Pokemon can use when choosing a nature for your Pokemon. While Torterra has access to a range of attacks, its best moveset includes Solar Beam and Razor Leaf. These two moves are superior quick moves, and they both benefit from the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) buff. This means they can do more damage per second (DPS).

Torterra’s strengths are in the physical aspect of the game. It’s important to balance that with its slow speed and high resistances. It’s also important to make sure it can handle powerful attacks. Its Impish nature gives it more defense, but reduces its special attack. This makes it ideal for builds that require Torterra to remain alive long enough to use Stealth Rock. It damages enemy Pokemon as they swap in. In addition to these benefits, Torterra doesn’t sacrifice too much power in its physical moves, which makes it a valuable addition to your team.

Torterra is also an excellent late game sweeper with a solid typing and bulk. It can be used in a tank, late-game sweeper, or wallbreaker role. Its Adamant nature allows it to Speed tie with positive-natured Pokemon, and its Jolly nature can be useful in bluffing defensive sets. However, it’s not necessary to use both Jolly and Adamant natures with Torterra. Adamant nature can also be substituted for Jolly nature, which gives the Torterra a significant boost in speed.

The Impish Nature increases Defense and lowers Special Attack making it a good choice to Torterra. This will help the Turtwig withstand more Physical attacks. The Physical Attack stat should remain the same. This nature won’t hurt Turtwig’s offensive abilities, since it still has the ability to use strong Grass-type attacks. Having a Torterra with this nature also gives players the option to breed the species, and use the Impish Mint at Battle Park.

Another good nature for Torterra is Ground. This type helps it deal with the obstacles Torterra sets up. It is capable of using Wood Hammer and Seed Bomb. These moves can be used to defend Torterra against Flying and Bug attacks. Additionally, it can help Torterra take the threat of Ice-type attacks as well as threaten the opponents with Ice-type moves.

SubSeed is essential because Torterra requires support from other types. It can sweep with a Swords Dance sweeper, but it is not the best sweeper. But Max Speed with a Jolly Nature is an important help. This will allow Torterra and her opponents to outrun them faster. Also, a Big Root, Seed Bomb, Crunch, Leaf Storm, Worry Seed, and Amnesia are useful.

Torterra is also one of the best Pokemon to use Rock Polish, but it’s not the best one to use. It can still be a powerful offensive weapon. If you max Attack and special attack, you’ll be able to outrun most threats. Although you can get a 348 stat with Max Attack it is necessary to have at least 202 speed. This will allow it to outrun Aerodactyls as well as Crobats. Then, you can use the rest of your EVs to boost Attack and HP.

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