Best Nature For Staraptor

Best Nature For Staraptor

There are a few options if you want to choose the best Staraptor nature. You can combine Gust and Brave Bird, but this nature is not strong against bugs. Another possibility is to combine Gust with Close Combat. This combination can be used to create the best normal/flying combo in the game.

Second, choose a nature that will outspeed your enemies. This will allow your Pokemon to deal more damage and KOs. Choose a nature that will give Staraptor an advantage over its opponents. Adamant will give your Pokemon an extra power so it can outpace any threat.

Consider a nature that grants Staraptor durability and good damage. Adamant increases Attack but sacrifices Sp. Attack. This means that your Staraptor can make physical attacks and be a top performer in Cool Contests. You can also choose a nature to allow your Staraptor to use the same types of attacks as its enemies.

Another option is to combine a Nature that gives your Staraptor a lot of HP. Staraptor’s HP can be boosted by using the extra EVs, so a nature with high HP will make your Staraptor faster. Staraptor can match other companies with Speed if it has a nature that boosts its Speed.

You will be able to use your Starly perfect IV stats during Master League and five star raids by choosing a nature. Finally, make sure you have enough candy to power up your Staraptor so that you can unlock its second Charged Move. Starly’s wild CP value is equal to the trainer until it reaches Level 30. Then, it will have different values if you’re below that level.

A combination of Quick Attack, Brave Bird is the best moveset for Staraptor. Quick Attack comes with a Same-Type Bonus Attack Bonus that increases its damage by 20%. In addition, Quick Attack is nearly identical to Wing Attack, which generates one unit more Energy. Although both movesets can be used, it is better to use both.

Staraptor is one of the most competitive Pokemon in the game. This type of Pokemon is mandatory in the Sinnoh region, and can help you achieve high levels in a short time. It is also an excellent choice for competitive players, and its high speed is an advantage over most other Pokemon.

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