Best Magic Equipment Deck 2021

How to Build the Best Magic Equipment Deck 2021

The Sigiled Swords of Valeron is a great choice when it comes to building a Magic deck. It doesn’t have many effects but it is very useful for a knight deck. This Equipment grants your creature +2/+2 and indestructible, making it impenetrable to combat damage, indirect damage, and destroying effects. This is especially useful for glass cannon creatures with low toughness. However, it also requires a rare non-destroying artifact to remove.

Blue Tempo features cards similar to the Flash archetype, including the Spectral Sailor. The deck’s major components are the Spectral Sailor (and Brineborn Cutthroat) and the Spectral Sailor. These two cards are pirates by trade and unlock tribal synergies. In addition, Blue Tempo features up to 16 pirates and four copies of Lookout’s Dispersal. The deck offers a variety of options for speeding up the stampede.

The Hammer of Nazahn is another great card in this deck. It costs four mana to cast but costs nothing to equip. It is also a very powerful spell when free. It makes your Creature trampled and indestructible for 4 turns. It is important to not overexert yourself when creating this equipment deck.

Swiftfoot Boots are also worth looking into. Both give haste to a single creature, and they are more affordable than Fervor. Both of these cards are also Hexproof and will prevent all but rare field wiping removal. In addition to these, Swiftfoot Boots will soon receive a leg armament counterpart.

Equipment cards can turn even weak creatures into powerful beasts. They can also force an opponent to focus on a single creature. The choice of equipment is up to you. Equipment cards have a cost, but the equip costs of most equipment cards are usually more important. The creature cannot use its effect if it is not equipped. Additionally, equipping a creature can cost more than the CMC.

For example, the Sword of the Animist can be forged for two mana and equipped for the same amount. It is a great way to ramp up your nana pool. It also gives the Animist +1/+1 power and toughness. This card is a great addition to your equipment deck.

Another card that is a good choice for a green deck is Skullclamp. Skullclamp is a card that costs four to cast and five for equip. However, it has the coolest ability among all Equipment. This Equipment can take control of the game once it is equipped. Taking down an opponent with this card is a powerful move in the right hands.

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