Best Level 8 Town Hall Base

How to Build the Best Level 8 Town Hall Base

There are a lot of ways to build a level 8 town hall base. These include using a trophy base, a farming base, and a ring-style base. The trophy base is designed to be very difficult for attackers to reach. To protect the core of the farming base, however, ring-shaped buildings are used.

The most effective level 8 town hall base is one that uses many compartments to prevent the opponent’s army from moving in. This will slow down the opponent’s troops and leave them stranded on walls. This base will also protect the dark elixir, making it harder to earn 3 stars.

There are a few different types of bases, and you will want to decide on a base that fits your playstyle the best. Using a trophy base is a good way to protect your resources from 3-Star attackers. Alternatively, a war base is ideal for putting attention on the upcoming CWL. It is protected by a dead zone and confuses attackers.

A level eight town hall base has another important feature: it can store large amounts of gold or elixir. This increases the number and types of wall sections that are available. During the upgrade process, you can also increase the number of constructions in your town hall. A level 8 town hall base can hold up to 750,000 gold and seven hundred thousand elixir. It can also store up to 5,000 dark essence. You should consider upgrading to a town hall base at level nine if you are looking for a higher rank.

A level eight town hall base is more difficult to attack than a normal one. The Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage can be found in the middle of the base. Other storages can be found scattered around. An attacker who wants to make this type of base easier to destroy will have to go all-in and attack the entire base.

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