Best Korean Bbq In Orange County

Best Korean BBQ in Orange County

When it comes to Korean BBQ, Orange County has some great options. Chosun Galbee in Koreatown is an upscale KBBQ spot with koi ponds and granite tabletops. The restaurant boasts a large patio with lush seating and high-quality meat. There is also a full bar. You can also order prime combinations and private dining.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, a Korean BBQ restaurant, offers a variety meats. Its interior design takes cues from Korean night markets. You can also enjoy a unique tabletop grilling experience by placing a steamed egg on the grill’s circumference. It has seven locations in California and one in New York and is a top competitor in the California KBBQ game. The atmosphere is high and the restaurant plays K-pop music. On weekends, there are often long waits.

Another great option for Korean BBQ in Orange County is Seoul Garden. It is located in a shopping mall and is very affordable. It is worth the money for its excellent Korean barbecue. You can order table-top table grills or choose a combination platter. The amount of meat you order is reflected in the price.

Seoul BBQ Cafe has a lively atmosphere with delicious banchan. Its menu emphasizes quality over quantity, with large portions of beef and galbi. The pork collar is a favorite, as it is cooked on thicker steel grills. It has a chewy texture that is addictive.

Min Sok Chon is another good Korean BBQ place in Orange County. It has been around for more than 20 years. It has excellent paper-fried chicken, killer corn cheese, and complimentary white radish pickles. The food at Min Sok Chon is also excellent, and it’s a popular spot for soju.

This KBBQ restaurant offers a quick and delicious way to try Korean food in Orange County. Unlimited dishes are available for $15 in the lunch special. You can also order sushi and fried dumplings. There may be a 30-minute wait on weekends. This place also offers a weekday lunch special.

For a larger group, try the Large Combo, a quarter-pound order of meat that can feed a family of four or more. You can also try the Large Combo, which includes a beef ribeye, a marinated beef short rib, grilled bulgogi, beef belly, and pork jowl. The Large Combo also includes a steamed egg, kimchi, and a grilled bulgogi. Korean Tapas are also available.

Soot Bull Jeep is the only Korean barbecue joint in Orange County that still uses charcoal. The smoky smoke from the charcoal gives the meat a rich smokiness. It also makes the fats and oils in the meat sizzle back into the meat, adding more flavor to the meat. The perfect accompaniment to the charred meat is the banchan spread.

The ambiance at Zoomak is a good place to experience Korean karaoke. The place has twinkling lights and a mirror wall, and is open all night. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

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