Best Jungle Arena Deck

Best Jungle Arena Deck

The best jungle arena deck is a mix of free to play units and Legendary cards. Goblin Giant can be a great choice as it can counterattack, but you should also consider using the Dark Prince as it is an efficient unit. This deck is able to stop your opponent’s swarm troops, but it doesn’t have the speed to kill your opponent’s tower. A Prince deck can also be very efficient in Arena of Death.

Arena 8 has a great card, the Freeze spell. It can be used in conjunction with the Balloon to quickly take down a tower. However, you must remember to use the spell in time, as your opponent may use a spell to defend it. You can also use it to take down an Elixir collector.

Mega Knight is another great choice, but you must be patient when playing it. While Mega Knight isn’t particularly fast, it can destroy a ground-based push and provide a beefy frontline for a counterpush. Another option is to use the Inferno Dragon, which can quickly burn a tanky attacker. Zap, which resets the laser warm-up timer, is another good option.

This deck is simple to build around a few key cards. Hog Rider and Mortar are great defensive cards. You can place them in the middle of the arena to draw attention to your self and protect yourself against ground-based attackers. This deck is ideal for classic and close runs.

This deck is the best for beginners to the game. These cards are ideal for learning how to manage elixirs, defensive placement, timing, and management. As long as you play your cards right, you’ll be a good player. Enjoy! You will be able win with the best jungle deck.

This deck is easy to use and runs well in all fields. Although it is not very powerful, it can destroy targets with a variety troops. It can also be combined with any troop to create pushes. So, if you want to maximize your chances of winning, this deck should be your top choice!

This deck is not very damage-efficient, but it can withstand a counter-push. Your opponent can be hurt more if you have a combination of Baby Dragon and Witch. It can also counter a swarm of units. It requires good strategy. You must also keep a Hog Rider on your bridge at all times. It is essential that you play it right. You will enjoy the game if you can play well.

A good jungle arena deck should be able to handle all situations. It should be able to stay in the game even when you’re limited in elixir. The deck should have enough elixir for Inferno Tower support and a Knight or Gang to provide ground defense. Be patient and don’t rush.

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