Best Bows Ac Valhalla

Best Bows for AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla introduces a new weapon type, the bow, which you can use to deal more damage with. Although you can use any bow for killing enemies, there are some that suit your character better. These are the top bows for Valhalla.

Norden’s Ark – As one of the best bows for AC Valhalla, the Norden’s Ark is a Mythical Hunter Bow with great attack power. It also keeps guards and keepers at bay and is highly effective at long range. Besides, it unlocks a special ability that increases damage when Eivor is at low health.

The Viper bow – Originally known as the Superior Light Bow the Viper bow is a sub-action that inflicts damage over time. This subtly serves the game. Another great AC Valhalla bow is the Viper bow. After completing all trade contracts, the Dublin Champion Armor is the final DLC armor set.

Shadow-Strike – A Raven-aligned bow with good attack stats, the Shadow Strike has a slightly lower stun than its Wolf-aligned counterpart. It is a great choice for raiders and raid starters because it has a high critical chance.

Noden’s Arc – Obtaining Noden’s Arc requires a lot of patience, but is well worth the effort. This mythical bow is the best bow in AC Valhalla, and comes with a perk that increases its critical chance. Although it is not easy to use from long distances and takes a lot of practice, this Hunter Bow is very powerful.

Petra’s Arc – Another legendary AC Valhalla weapon is the Petra’s Arc. This wolf-aligned bow has a huge range and can shoot huge arrows with high precision. This bow is a great choice if you like to shoot enemies far away.

Needler – Another powerful bow in AC Valhalla is the Needler. It can be purchased from a merchant trader for 380 silver. This long-range bow can fire long arrows, and is considered to be the best weapon for AC Valhalla. It is a powerful long-range weapon that can also be used for sniping.

Death-Skald – Another powerful light bow, the Death-Skald will shred targets like bullets through paper. This bow also has an unique perk that increases critically chances as it increases in weight. It is an excellent choice for “nudist” runs.

Death-Speaker– This fatal Hunter Bow has a number of perks that make them a great choice for players who play survival. It has excellent damage, a high rate of critical hits, and a stun. This bow is difficult to use and takes a lot of practice. It does however increase the player’s health whenever it hits a weak point.

Dreka Bow – A unique weapon from the AC Valhalla DLC pack, the Dreka Bow comes with a variety of warrior abilities and is an excellent choice for stealth play. It also comes with various stealth abilities, making it an excellent weapon to use against enemies without getting too close. However, it can also be heavy to wield, reducing movement speed.

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