Best Bone Pit Deck

The Best Bone Pit Decks

If you’re wondering which troop to use against the bone pit, you may have to spend some time researching your options. Dragon and Valkyrie are good choices, but the Dragon is a better counter to ground unit pushes, and they both have respectable health pools. When they are in a position to clear a group of troops, they can be dropped. Another card that’s useful in this deck is the Wizard, which can be invaluable in clearing Barbarians and taking out enemy towers.

Bone Pit players are often inexperienced. A good strategy is to attack and defend with your elixir early. This will give you many cards to attack and allow you to throw multiple towers simultaneously. A good bone pit deck will have many rare cards.

The Valkyrie Arena 2 Deck is one of the best arena 2 decks available in the Bone Pit. This deck is extremely effective against the skeleton army, and it’s also very strong against most small ground units. The Valkyrie is a great defensive card, and she can also be used with the Hog Rider to help fend off Skeleton Army.

Another powerful bone pit deck is the giant deck. This deck combines powerful attacks and a powerful skeleton armoury. The giant can also be protected by the valkyrie, which is a very versatile card. In addition, the giant can also be defended by the Baby Dragon, which can sponge up hits.

The newest Clash Royale Season 36 features new balancing and several new skins. It also introduces a new Battle Pass and rage challenge. The season also includes a Clueless Giant skeleton emote and numerous jokers of different rarities.

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