Best Biryani In Houston

Best Biryani in Houston

You’ve found the best biryani in Houston. Biryani is a great choice, even though Houston is well-known for its burgers and steaks. This dish is rich in flavor and aroma. This dish is great for brunch and late-night meals.

Biryani can be found at many Houston restaurants. There are many options, from casual to upscale, from classic Indian dishes to fusion. Choose from chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetarian dishes. You can order Biryani online, track delivery and even track it. Shahnai Restaurant is one popular restaurant that delivers Biryani in Houston. This restaurant also offers a late-night Biryani delivery service.

One of Houston’s best chicken biryani is made in Hawthorne by a Pakistani restaurant. It is full of protein and falls off the bone. And when you cut it with a fork, it pulls the biryani together. The delicious chicken biryani is worth the effort.

Raja Sweets is another great place to enjoy Indian food in Houston. This restaurant introduced Houston to Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Since then, Houston’s Indian and Pakistani food scene has expanded, with several restaurants serving a variety of South Asian cuisine. You can even find Indian spices on tacos, pies, and southern fried chicken.

Sheikh Chilli’s Hillcroft restaurant is another place where you can get authentic biryani. This restaurant, while not particularly fancy, serves biriyani-to-go for around $20. Sheikh Chilli’s uses a variety of spices in the rice and serves it with ghee. There are different varieties of biryani served here, including Hyderabadi and Lucknowi.

Pakwan House, a Pakistani restaurant, serves delicious food. It is Halal certified, and offers great value for your money. It is a great choice for a family dinner or special occasion. Biryani Pot is another restaurant in Houston that offers a variety of a la carte options. The prices are higher than you might think.

Kiran’s Restaurant in Mumbai is another great place to enjoy Indian food. It is owned by Kiran Verma and offers three different Chef tasting menus. Some menus are traditional while others have modern interpretations. You can also find duck upma or apricot-pulao on the menu.

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