Best Arena 10 Deck

The Best Arena 10 Deck

While there is no single best Arena 10 deck, there are several cards that have emerged as the top choices. Engineer and Harlequin, two of the most powerful cards in the game are also the most versatile. The current meta includes Inquisitor, which is a key card. Most of the top decks in this game include a variation of it.

Combat Strategy: The most successful deck in this meta is comprised of strong offensive and defensive cards. This deck is able to defend itself and parry most attacks. It lacks a removal card, so it relies heavily upon the power of its creature and tempo cards, as well as aggressive threats. To top it off, the deck also relies on the powerful and versatile Luminarch Aspirant, Adeline, and the Resplendent Cathar.

The Balloon Lumberjack deck is a particularly difficult deck to play in Arena 10. The synergies between the Goblin Gang and Guards make this deck a little bizarre to play. However, it is relatively easy to level up and has decent synergies. The main goal of the deck is to block the opponent’s pushes and keep them from damaging your characters.

Montapurcos deck: This deck has a low Elixir costs and good attack- and defense potential. The Icegolems and Icegolems provide decent air defense. Damage spell cards can also be used for the Rocket and Log. Finally, the Hog Rider is a win condition.

Balloon: This deck is a favorite of some players. Its balloon is a powerful attack against buildings, but it does not have a lot HP. The most popular balloon decks in Arena 10 are Giant Loon and Lava Loon. However, the goblin giant can also be a viable option. It is equipped with two spear goblins that can be used for defense or attack.

Lava Hound: While the Lava Hound card is not a popular choice in Arena 10, it is an extremely powerful tank deck. With its air troop and tanking abilities, it is very versatile and can win against virtually any deck that lacks good air defense. The Lava Hound has a high elixir cost of 4.1 and an excellent defense ability. Flying Machine and Mega Minion are also excellent air defense cards.

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