Bertha Holte

Bertha Holte was an American singer and philanthropist who dedicated her life to breaking down prejudice surrounding adoption. Her enduring commitment to children led them to regard her as their grandma – often serving as their advocate in difficult circumstances around the globe.

Patricia Louise Holte was born in Philadelphia to Henry Holte, a railroad worker and lounge singer, and Bertha, his wife. She was their third daughter; during her upbringing she would listen to gospel as well as jazz, rhythm and blues music.

Early Life and Education

Patti LaBelle was born Patricia Louise Holte in Philadelphia to Henry Holte, a railroad worker and lounge singer, and Bertha Holte, a homemaker. At 10 years old she joined her church choral group before singing her first solo two years later. Growing up listening to both gospel as well as jazz/R&B music influenced her musical tastes.

After seeing a documentary in 1954 about Amerasian Korean orphanages, Holte and her husband started sending money and working with Oregon legislators to change laws that limited families to two foreign children for adoption; ultimately adopting eight Korean children altogether. Holte later formed her first girl group named Ordettes along with friends Sandra Tucker, Cindy Birdsong, and Nona Hendryx which would travel from nightclubs to honky tonks on tour tours.

Professional Career

Career is defined as any period during which one works as a professional. People may opt to pursue various professions throughout their lives or change career paths completely at certain points in time.

Patti LaBelle, commonly referred to by her stage name Patti Holte-Edwards is an American singer and songwriter renowned for her distinctive voice. Often called the “Godmother of Soul”, Patti has established herself as one of the most sought-after female vocalists ever.

Patti LaBelle was born May 24, 1944, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Henry Holte (a railroad worker and club performer) and Bertha Holte (a housewife). She had three sisters – Vivian, Barbara and Jacqueline as well as an in-law named Claudette Grant). Patti began singing as early as age 10 by joining a local church choir before singing her first solo two years later.

Achievement and Honors

Patricia Louise Holte, better known by her professional name Patti LaBelle, is an iconic figure in music, often referred to as the Godmother of Soul. For her musical achievements she has received multiple honors such as membership of the Grammy Hall of Fame, Apollo Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame and more.

Growing up in a church-going family, she quickly took to singing in church choirs as a child. Subsequently, she participated in talent competitions at high school before co-founding an Ordettes group with classmates that went on tour of Philadelphia nightclubs and honky tonks, quickly becoming immensely popular with audiences there.

Holte was also an innovator in breaking down barriers to adoption. Her family’s adoption of Korean children inspired countless families and changed many lives forever.

Personal Life

Bertha Holte was an influential religious, civic, and political leader. An Episcopalian by faith and co-founding member of Alamance Women’s Political Caucu. From 1975-1993 she represented Alamance and Rockingham counties as a North Carolina state representative – sponsoring various bills that ensured breastfeeding women were not charged with indecent exposure as well as repealing husband exemption from state rape laws.

As known by her nickname ‘Patsy,’ Patsy began singing in church choir at age 10, singing her first solo at 12 years old. Though shy by nature, her gifted and soulful voice enabled her to form her first girl group in 1959 with fellow schoolmates known as the Ordettes; two members left shortly thereafter while three stayed behind to add Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash from another rival group as replacement singers in their group known now as Labelle.

Net Worth

She has amassed an estimated net worth of $50 Million. Her wealth stems largely from her career in music as an artist and songwriter, as well as contributions in areas such as business and television.

She was born May 24 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Henry Holte (a railroad worker and lounge singer) and Bertha Holte, a domestic worker. She had four siblings named Thomas Hogan Jr, Vivian Hogan, Barbara Holte, and Jacqueline Holte; when her parents separated when she was twelve, one of her family friends sexually molested her.

She currently resides in a mansion in Los Angeles, California. Known for her voice and participation in various music bands, as well as stage shows and movies.

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