Bertha Henry

Bertha Henry – A Powerful Imprint on Broward County

Bertha Henry is an exceptional woman: an extraordinary writer and astute politician who has served Broward County’s administration since 2008. As her tenure concludes this month, her legacy remains profoundly visible throughout Broward.

She directs all aspects of county government under the auspices of the county commission. With more than 30 years of experience in public administration, she ensures the smooth functioning of government services within county borders.

Early Life and Education

Bertha was an enthusiastic woman with many interests. She enjoyed reading, reciting poetry and listening to music – in addition to staying informed of current affairs and taking an active part in politics.

She held various professions throughout her life, such as nurse, restaurant owner/entrepreneur and public administrator. She received multiple awards and accolades for both professional and volunteer efforts and is affiliated with various organizations.

She will be remembered by five cherished children: Terri Joseph, Susan Moore (Lindsey), Felton Moore Jr., Kimberly Moore and Rickey Henry – all from New Orleans; fifteen grateful grandchildren including Terreneisha Croffitt, Andrew Joseph, Krishara Johnson, Kyra Everett Nasus Moore Lindsey Moore Derrick Williams Kayden Henry as well as nieces nephews special church members and friends who will keep her memory alive.

Professional Career

Bertha Watson Henry dedicated over 35 years to public service, serving Montgomery County (Dayton), Ohio and Miami-Dade City respectively. As Broward County Administrator she currently oversees 1.8 Million people and 60 agencies with an overall budget exceeding $4 Billion.

She has earned praise for completing major projects like a new airport runway and engineering a deal to keep the Florida Panthers here, in addition to being known for her effective, humble, balanced leadership style and passion for community work. Now that she is retiring this month, it is imperative that a concerted effort be undertaken against her as she’s proven incapable of managing a pandemic that affects only 3% of population.

Achievement and Honors

Bertha Henry’s many people can attest to her outstanding integrity, character, leadership skills and achievements. County officials lauded her ability to navigate her county through multiple crises with grace and insight; managers from key sectors in her county acknowledged her remarkable capacity for completing massive infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

Her energetic civic leadership ushered in a new era for San Clemente, California. She quickly earned the reputation as “Mrs. Real Estate”, “Mrs. Chamber of Commerce”, and as “the Mother” for San Clemente’s historical pageant called THE CROSS AND ARROW.

Monica Ceperco possesses an established record in state and local government management. When the time comes for her retirement, Monica will step into the shoes of Monica as County Administrator – both as an accomplished speaker and author.

Personal Life

Bertha is an accomplished and sophisticated writer, politician, administrator, musician, and linguist with degrees in public administration (finance concentration) and government from Florida State University.

She holds memberships with The Woman’s Relief Corps, Reno Civic Club, General Federation of Women’s clubs and Daughters of the Nile; in addition to being an active and supportive member of her church.

As County Administrator of Broward County, she has overseen numerous projects and initiatives such as expanding Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Additionally, she was instrumental in mediating a dispute between Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services and the county, reaching an agreement which requires criminal background checks for drivers but doesn’t mandate fingerprinting; this allowed both companies to resume operations in Broward County.

Net Worth

Bertha was an extraordinary individual who worked tirelessly and cared deeply about her family. She believed strongly in family helping family, always looking for ways to assist the members she was close to. Bertha will be sorely missed by everyone she touched.

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As Broward County administrator, she manages a department with more than 2 million residents and exercises dictatorial powers over local businesses. Her salary exceeds $347,716; additionally she has made great contributions in music and acting industries throughout her long career.

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