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Benjamin Robert Vibbert, 46, of Leitchfield, IN, Has Been Killed

Kentucky State Police (KSP) have identified the victim of last week’s Grayson County shooting as 46-year-old Benjamin Vibbert of Falls of Rough, who was shot during an argument between himself and 42-year-old Michael Baker from Short Creek. Baker has been charged with murder; this matter will now proceed before a Grayson County grand jury.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin “Benji” Robert Vibbert was an attentive father and husband. Originally hailing from Jeffersonville, Indiana and graduating Silver Creek High School. Additionally he was an exceptional craftsman and outdoor enthusiast who found joy hunting and fishing. A true gentleman, Benjamin will be deeply missed by family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Survivors include Hunter and McKenzie as well as Clay Vibbert (his twin) and Kim Olliges. Memorial contributions may be made in care of his children or to 2023 WAVE with all rights being retained by 2023 WAVE; all rights being retained 2023 WAVE; all rights are reserved 2023 WAVE and all rights are reserved by 2023 WAVE and its’ owner/publishing rights reserved 2023 WAVE All rights are reserved by 2023 WAVE; all rights are reserved 2023 WAVE; all rights are hereby retained 2023 WAVE; All rights are reserved by 2023 WAVE 2023 WAVE All rights are reserved by 2023 WAVE to all rights are reserved to be paid in care of Hunter McKenzie’s care from Hunter’s siblings Clay Vibbert and Kim Olliges along with numerous nieces/ nephews/ extended family/ext family/ext family/ext family/ext family/ext family/ all/ or copy right 2023 WAVE all rights are retained by 2023 WAVE for copy right and all rights reserve 2023 WAVE/All rights remain with all rights reserve to copyleft 2023 WAVE/All rights are reserved all rights by 2023 WAVE/all rights are all rights reserve all other than any/ or copied hereincluded herein/all//Mc/Ce, 2K&CO/nzie; two children (h/mies, nephews/nettes/ext family. all/ or extended relatives/etc and so. etc; copied right 2023 WAVE/etc). Memorial contributions can made directly to his/var to 2023 WAVE// etc all copy rights reserve 2023WAVE/ all etc & etc 2023 WAVE or copy/all rights are 2023 WAVE; all rights /All rights/&All rights unless stated). Copy right 2023 WAVE all rights are restricted 2023 WAVE all rights s!/

Achievement and Honors

Benji was known for his many artistic accomplishments and generosity in general; never meeting a stranger and always looking to help in any way possible. Benji leaves two children – Hunter and McKenzie; his wife Tiffany Johnson Vibbert; as well as many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends behind to mourn his passing. Memorial contributions can be made directly to their family via Legacy Funeral Center-Scott Chapel located at 921 Main Street Jeffersonville IN 47140 if interested.

Other awards and honors received include: the David Strauss Prize in American Studies; Babette Trader Campus Citizenship and Leadership Award; Charles Tully Design Award; Irmgard Kowatzki Theatre Award; Michael Waskowsky Prize; Helen & Lewis Batts Prize; Gordon Beaumont Memorial Prize; Marshall Hallock Brenner Prize; George Eaton Errington Prize; Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter Award and Diebold Scholar award.

Personal Life

Benjamin Vibbert had an enormous heart and always made people feel welcome in his company. He cherished time spent with family and friends alike and excelled at woodworking – becoming an avid outdoor enthusiast along the way. Benjamin was the son of Herschell Clay Vibbert and Mona Hunt Maloney and they welcomed him with open arms when they took over as parents. Jeffrey Vibbert and Leon Maloney predeceased him, leaving behind his wife Tiffany Johnson Vibbert; two children Hunter and McKenzie Vibbert; his siblings Clay Olliges and Kim Olliges as well as step-mother Joyce Vibbert as survivors as well as many nieces, nephews, and extended family members to mourn their passing. Jeffrey was fatally shot during an altercation between himself and a neighbor over an animal issue near Keith’s Crossing in Short Creek Community according to Kentucky State Police reports.

Net Worth

Benjamin Robert Vibbert’s family are heartbroken to share his passing on February 2, 2023 at 46 years old in Leitchfield, Kentucky. Predeceased by his father Herschell Clay Vibbert and brothers Jeffrey and Leon Maloney, Benjamin Robert Vibbert leaves behind children Hunter and McKenzie Vibbert as well as wife Tiffany Johnson Vibbert; siblings Clay Vibbert (Genevieve), Kim Olliges (Adam), step-mother Joyce Vibbert, Angela Vibbert; stepmother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step-mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; step mother Joyce Vibbert; numerous nieces, nephews, extended family members, extended family friends as memorial donations may be made in his name in honor. All will miss him dearly.

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