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Bio of Benjamin Towbin

Early Life and Education

Harry Towbin served ten years for rape, buggying, and indecent assault of two teenage girls in 1993. Following his release, he and Marion moved to Israel so he could continue research under Prof. Zvi Vogel at Weizmann Institute of Science – an experience they find immensely fulfilling.

He completed his PhD with Susan Gasser at FMI before moving onto Prof. Uri Alon’s group at Weizmann and using live imaging technology from Grosshans lab has studied multi-cellular optimality principles with C. elegans using live imaging technology developed there. Since November 2019, Towbin and his family have found Israel more child-friendly, which allows them to spend more time here.

Professional Career

As a surgeon, Dr. Gold branched into video production. He co-produced a training film for Searle Laboratories and hosted a weekly syndicated radio show in New York City; additionally he has produced miniseries for NBC miniseries Movies of the Week CBS TV specials and miniseries; finally being president of both Medical Society of State of New York Second District Branch and Suffolk Academy of Medicine.

Since graduating college years ago, he has made it his business to stay abreast of emerging tech trends. He has helped brands craft viral campaigns and social media filters that drive business. Additionally, he is involved with AR/VR think tanks and travels frequently to speak at tech events worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

After finishing his PhD studies at FMI Basel Switzerland, Towbin searched for an epigenetics laboratory where he could continue conducting research. When he found the work of Professor Uri Alon at Weizmann Institute he was immediately intrigued and joined it as postdoc. Together with Marion they focus their research on studying optimality principles in bacterial gene control using quantitative systems biology approaches; their studies also include Internal medicine topics like Long QT syndrome and Sudden Death.

Personal Life

Benjamin and Christine live in Rehovot with their 1-1/2 year-old daughter. Benjamin chose Israel partly due to its child-friendly environment and partly for its exciting research opportunities; his team employs quantitative systems biology approaches in studying optimality principles governing bacterial growth control using C. elegans as their model organism.

Harry Towbin, a biochemist, was one of the innovators behind Western blot testing. Along with colleagues at Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis), they devised it in 1973 while employed there.

Tobin served ten years for the rape, buggery and sexual assault of two girls in 1993 before being released in 2004. Later he claimed to a psychiatrist that he had murdered 48 individuals.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is estimated to be in the millions. He has worked tirelessly over time to reach this position and maintain its popularity.

He has left an indelible mark on the world and people from all walks of life have begun looking up to him. Today he stands as one of the most revered celebrities worldwide and it was not easy for him to achieve this status.

Carolynn Towbin and Jesika Towbin-Mansour have overcome life’s greatest trials while continuing their father’s legacy and earning the respect of industry professionals alike. Their presence exudes an aura that exudes strength without being aggressive; not unlike what male figures can achieve.

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