Benjamin Tobias

Benjamin Tobias

Benjamin Tobias is an esteemed financial planner with decades of service in various capacities nationwide and locally, including volunteering and board membership.

He was described as being strong-willed and protective, always standing up for what he believed in without fear of getting hurt.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Tobias was born in South Gibson, Pennsylvania. He attended Palfrey Street School and Antioch College – studying abroad in London at Antioch College – before working for the Boston Globe and volunteering with Franklin Park Zoo.

Toby and Phyllis Menken owned houses in Charlestown and Chappaquiddick. Both of them were involved with charitable endeavors and enjoyed collecting secular American stained glass pieces.

Toby was a founding member of the Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts and board member for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association. Additionally, he worked as an investment banker specializing in municipal finance; some of his clients included WGBH, MassDevelopment and Dimock Community Health Center. Furthermore, Toby participated in numerous community projects including one designed to keep court-involved youth out of jail through social service interventions.

Professional Career

Ben practices in the firm’s Public & Infrastructure Finance group, offering clients advice regarding debt finance solutions. His experience includes serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter’s counsel and borrower’s counsel on various projects for airports, water & sewer utilities, surface transportation providers and other public agencies as well as expertise with conduit financing structures such as public offerings, direct purchases, variable rate tender deals and commercial paper programs in addition to transactions involving credit enhancement facilities.

Mentor to budding entrepreneurs and member of several charitable organizations. He and Barbara sponsor Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association’s young investigator grant as well as promote awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Furthermore, he holds membership of both Florida Bar and United Jewish Community Foundation of Broward County Florida Investment Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Benji is the captain of Beartown Hockey Team and has earned himself a reputation as an aggressive fighter. He’s close with Ramona, whom he considers his second mother and has had romantic encounters with. Benji keeps his sexuality hidden from others by maintaining that he’s not gay and that being homosexual would ruin his hockey career.

Gainesville Police Chief Terry Pierce recognized him for his work as GPD spokesman and media consultant for Allstate; in this capacity, he finds stories and pitches them to national media outlets. Although talented, this man does not come without his flaws; often going viral online has led to various forms of personal attacks on him.

Personal Life

Benji stands out in Beartown with his passionate nature. He cherishes his teammates and always shows up when needed – following rules, obeying coach, swallowing pride.

Benji Erdahl and Kevin Erdahl became close when Kevin was bullied at school. Benji took on the role of protecting him both on and off the ice.

Benji was left behind when Hed hockey team coach David Lyt moved into Beartown with some of their key players, leaving Benji behind to keep secrets about them from him and hope he would one day come back home again. It could be hard keeping such secrets when one loved someone so deeply; yet Benji continued keeping them all a secret as much as he could.

Net Worth

Toby was also a respected investment banker in Boston, specialising in municipal finance at Shawmut Bank before transitioning to Tucker Anthony. Together with his wife he and kept residences in Charlestown and Chappaquiddick where they led busy social and professional lives as well as traveled extensively.

He was active in volunteer efforts and serving on boards; collecting American stained glass of secular variety; as well as enjoying painting during his free time.

He remains extremely private, rarely giving interviews or sharing personal details with media. Yet, despite this reticence he has managed to build himself an impressive career and net worth: currently estimated at approximately $4 Million with acting credits such as Outlander, Catastrophe and Game of Thrones to his name.

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