Benjamin Roberds

Benjamin Roberds, Writer & Director

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents are currently investigating an officer-involved shooting that took place Sunday night on Brook Street in Lithia Springs. Deputies responded to reports of a woman covered with blood fleeing a man inside with a knife named Benjamin; when deputies gave verbal orders for Benjamin to drop the weapon he refused and charged towards both deputies and her with it before one shot him fatally at the scene.

Early Life and Education

Police responded to a home in Douglas County following an urgent 911 call Sunday evening and found a woman covered in blood trying to escape from a 39-year-old male with a knife inside. When deputies gave verbal orders for him to drop the weapon, he charged at them instead and was shot. He died at the scene while she was transported with multiple stab wounds to a local hospital for treatment.

Benjamin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was the tenth of seventeen children born to Josiah Franklin, an chandler. Due to a lack of funds for schooling he apprenticed himself to his brother James Franklin who ran a printery newspaper that encouraged readers to send in letters. James encouraged Benjamin to pen 14 essays lampooning everything from funeral eulogies and Harvard students as part of an essay series published through James’ newspaper.

Professional Career

Benjamin Roberds of Atlanta has been nominated for Best Film at Dragoncon. His short films “Your Houseplants Are Screaming” and “A Plague So Pleasant” have been shown at more than 40 film festivals worldwide and at several science fiction conventions around the world.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials are conducting an officer-involved shooting in Douglas County on Sunday night, following reports of a woman covered in blood trying to escape from someone holding a knife. Deputies responded and saw 39-year-old Robernard Benjamin inside, giving verbal commands for him to drop it, but when this failed one of the deputies shot at him.

Benjamin died instantly.

Personal Life

Benjamen serves as Chair of Charleston Group as well as being on the founding boards for Columbia Urban League, Benedict College, and Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. She served as past President of African American Mayors Association and has been recognized by various groups such as The Root’s 100 Most Influential Black Americans list and Business Insider as a community leader.

One would think that acute homesickness would sap an exile’s spirit, yet this did not occur; instead he produced his finest work during this period. He continued submitting manuscripts for radio stations and the Frankfurter Zeitung while publishers looked upon him with increasing suspicion; additionally he took part in love triangles and frequently consumed mescaline and hashish.

Net Worth

Benjamin has received many honors and awards during his distinguished acting and directing career, working on movies that have become top sellers in American cinema. Additionally, he won awards at Valladolid and RiverRun Film Festivals, was nominated for an Emmys Award nomination with Paula as co-writer, as well as receiving multiple other accolades and honors during that period.

He is an American actor and director with a net worth of $10 Million, having achieved such great success thanks to hard work and dedication to his craft. He has appeared in various movies and TV shows that have cemented his fame worldwide, while gaining significant attention due to appearing in Ariana Grande’s song video for “Into You”. He boasts an extensive social media following as evidenced by its presence.

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