Benjamin Merrill

Benjamin Merrill

Benjamin Merrill is an Investment Advisor dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth management. He values building long-term relationships with each client and serving as their go-to resource for financial matters.

He was a military officer, gunsmith and farmer who served with Rowan County militia during the American Revolution as part of Regulator Movement.

Early Life and Education

Ben has always had a keen eye for finance and finds great pleasure in getting to know his clients and helping them with their financial needs. He takes great pride in building meaningful relationships with each of his client families by taking the time to understand who they are and their concerns so that he can craft plans that truly meet them goals.

Captain Benjamin Merrill of Rowan County militia became involved with the Regulator Movement, an uprising by backcountry residents against colonial officials they felt were charging excessive fees or falsifying records. Their revolt culminated at Alamance where militia led by Governor William Tryon defeated them at Battle.

Professional Career

Benjamin is a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional and Certified Private Wealth Advisor as well as holding a life insurance license. With an analytical approach to his service, he helps Clients define and achieve their financial goals while serving as their primary resource and trusted friend.

He has extensive experience resolving complex legal matters. Additionally, he possesses a thorough knowledge of the judicial process from having clerked at both Maine’s highest appellate state court as well as undertaking externship work with federal judges.

Ben has an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies involved with home lending, giving him the edge he needs to anticipate and address unforeseen events. When not at the office he can often be found coaching youth rugby on soccer fields or spending time at his family camp on Moose Pond with his wife and two active pups.

Achievement and Honors

No matter his busy schedule juggling AP classes, baseball, Link Crew and Link Crew duties, Merrill made school his top priority and earned himself the distinction of becoming first in his senior class. His hard work paid off – Merrill credits both his high school teachers and Cornell faculty with helping him stay focused on education.

North Carolinians will forever have an intense fascination for Captain Benjamin Merrill’s life and tragic end, especially his tragic execution on June 19, 1771 (See North Carolina Colonial Records Vol S Pgs 643-648 for more information)–Ed.

Personal Life

Capt Benjamin Merrill stands as an example of someone not afraid to stand up for what he believes in – that government should be held accountable to its people instead of vice versa. A true American Patriot.

Tradition holds that he married Jemima Smith, daughter of Andrew Smith of Hopewell, NJ and moved with her and their daughter Jesima to Rowan County’s now Davidson County North Carolina; where their plantation lay two miles northeast of Jersey Baptist Church and five miles southwest of Lexington.

Land was rich and well cultivated on this property. A small creek ran through, providing power for a waterwheel used in running machinery used to bore barrels. Each evening he would arrange one barrel for boring, start the machinery running through the night, and use it again when morning came around; by morning the barrel would be ready for use.

Net Worth

He resides in Foley, Alabama, and public records indicate he has engaged in 14 trades of Aqua Metals Inc stock since 2019. His most recent transaction took place on 2 July 2021 when he sold 85,311 units worth $231,193.

He owns Vinegrove Winery in Healdsburg, California, along with having an older sister and younger brother. Cara Sipprelle works in New York for Success Academy Charter Schools while her father runs Vinegrove winery and Gradient environmental consulting firm as partners.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management boasts $1.4 trillion in client assets and is one of the biggest players globally. Now they are expanding their presence further by creating a dedicated team serving ultra high net worth clients in Asia – an area often targeted by investment banking firms.

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