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Ben Hughes Net Worth – An Accomplished Director

He is an esteemed arbitrator specializing in handling high-value disputes. Additionally, he serves on the boards of several companies.

People started volunteering to exercise him regularly; every week 250 helpers would come by the Hughes’ house and provide assistance.

Hughes has earned accolades throughout his career for his exceptional arbitration practice spanning both North America and Asia. Currently he leads our Special Situations M&A offering.

Early Life and Education

At that time, doctors informed Ann Hughes of her son’s cerebral palsy diagnosis and predicted he would never walk or play ball again; additionally, they indicated he might succumb to pneumonia and other diseases much sooner than anticipated.

Hughes was born near Brynmawr, Wales in 1824. In 1848 he immigrated to America and settled in Hyde Park where he quickly established himself as an influential member of his community and led all underground mining operations for Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company.

Hughes has written or co-written numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts in cardiology, neurology and nephrology medical fields. Alongside his research efforts he also taught university courses. Hughes currently sits on Omni Bridgeway Investment Committees as well as being a panelist at Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

Professional Career

Ben has extensive legal experience practicing civil and common law jurisdictions. In that capacity, he has served as arbitrator in over 200 international arbitration cases spanning various commercial sectors under different rules and applicable laws. Ben has served as sole and panel arbitrator; chaired SIAC arbitrations; served on tribunals of DIFC and ICC arbitrations and served on committees for such disputes.

He provides advice and defense services to companies and directors on sensitive corporate governance and compliance matters, representing clients before domestic and international enforcement agencies such as the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission and attorney general offices as well as multilateral development banks.

Hughes manages to juggle family life and career despite being an exceptionally busy individual. Currently enrolled in UK HealthCare’s MSN-DNP Executive Leadership program while simultaneously working full time and caring for his family life, Hughes finds time to complete this ambitious academic endeavor while staying true to himself as a person and an employee.

Achievement and Honors

As a lighting designer, Hughes has been nominated for three Tony Awards and has designed on Broadway original productions of K2, Once on This Island and Strange Interlude as well as Off-Broadway at New Theatre Workshop, Playwrights Horizons Arena Stage and Lincoln Center Theater.

Author of over 40 publications, six UK patents and two commercial license agreements for his intellectual property. Conducted over 2.5 million pounds worth of research attracting external funding; established a leading building physics research group attracted 2.5 million pounds; founded a university spin-out company to exploit his research into free running buildings.

He has appeared in multiple television series including Skins, Star Wars Rebellion and Divergent. Additionally, he portrayed Josh Stock in British series such as War & Peace as well as 2020’s Industry.

Personal Life

Hughes is a multifaceted filmmaker. He writes, produces, edits and provides visual effects. Hughes has directed music videos, commercials and short films; in addition to acting in film and TV (for instance on Skins in Britain or in Sanditon as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon).

Within his community, he is revered as “the Father of the Welsh Mining Community in Scranton”. He served on council, school board and building committee committees while also being president of Welsh Philosophical Society. Additionally he was active with First Welsh Baptist Church serving on its Board of Trustee and Superintendent positions for years as well as being elected first Grand President of American True Ivorites – holding this office for nine years!

He has served as sole lead counsel in over a dozen jury trials, and has presented cases before the Georgia Court of Appeals. Additionally, he is married with three children.

Net Worth

Ben Hughes is an esteemed Director with an impressive net worth. Known throughout his industry for several decades, his presence can be felt.

Hughes is an all-round filmmaker who writes, directs, edits and works as visual effects artist cinematographer. Additionally, Hughes specializes in advertising and entertainment productions such as commercials and music videos.

Like his brother, he prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and avoid discussing details of his romantic relationships or family matters. Yet, his impressive social media following of over 350,000 people from both Korea and America adds wealth.

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