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Ben Horton

Ben Horton has distinguished himself in Ocean Sciences with an extraordinary body of work aimed at understanding and integrating external and internal mechanisms that have contributed to past sea-level changes, while at the same time shaping their development into future ones.

His research spans an array of disciplines; his Sea Level research integrates elements from Oceanography and Physical geography while his Holocene investigation incorporates perspectives from Climatology and Foraminifera studies.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Horton graduated from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH with a history major degree. Since 2013, Horton has served as co-director of Hilltop Academy – a tuition-free summer program that helps first year students adjust to life at Saint Anselm.

He is an esteemed leader within the Quaternary science and coastal hazards communities, providing cutting-edge research that links past sea-level changes with earthquakes, tsunamis and storms, while simultaneously exploring how these processes will shape future coastal environments.

Horton is survived by his wife Louise Williams Horton; sons Steve Horton and Connor Horton; daughters Debbie Edwards and Tammy Horton; sisters Cornelia H. King and Ruth Miller as well as numerous nieces and nephews. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to his loving caregiver Norma Johnson as well as the SRMC Hospice team for all they did for him during his final journey.

Professional Career

Professor Horton has published over 220 peer-reviewed articles in leading scientific journals such as Science, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Geology. His research centers around sea-level change with an aim of understanding and integrating external and internal processes that have determined past changes as well as shaping future ones.

His research has earned him numerous accolades, such as the Plinius Medal from the European Geosciences Union, Voyager Award from American Geophysical Union, and W. Storrs Cole Award from Geological Society of America.

Ben is also a highly adept intellectual property litigator, representing high-tech companies in patent disputes as well as startups in venture capital financings. Additionally, he serves on the board of National Constitution Center.

Achievement and Honors

Horton has earned international renown for his research into natural hazards, and is considered a pioneer of coastal ocean science with a specialty in hazard assessment. He explores internal and external mechanisms responsible for sea-level changes over time as well as their influence on future environments. Horton also serves as co-director of Hilltop Academy – a free, for-credit summer program for new Saint Anselm students that helps them settle into campus life more smoothly.

His public speaking and networking abilities are enhanced by numerous awards he has been presented over his career. Additionally, his academic contributions can be seen by the wide array of awards received. Furthermore, his databases used worldwide by scientists and policy makers. His main research areas focus on sea level rise, oceanography and the Holocene. Sea level issues explored include Tidal range studies as well as Physical geography topics including Subsidence; oceanographic aspects include Climatology Radiocarbon dating Foraminifera studies.

Personal Life

Benjamin Horton practices civil litigation at Saunders & Schmieler. His expertise includes land use, civil rights and property disputes as well as trusts, estate planning and commercial real estate issues.

His first wife remains unknown. Additionally, he belongs to several professional organizations and has won various awards and recognition for his efforts.

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Net Worth

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Ben is part of Chatham House’s Director’s Office and assists both its Director and Chief Executive with planning and strategy issues, in addition to leading next generation activities such as the Panel of Young Advisers and Common Futures Conversations project.

His career began with serving on the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council as well as running twice for Parliament as a Labour Party candidate. Additionally, he worked as a lecturer at Kingston University.

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