Benjamin Goodwin

Benjamin Goodwin

Benjamin Goodwin is a highly qualified criminal law attorney serving clients in Uniontown, Pennsylvania for various legal issues.

He owns an impressive ranch in Dent township where he cultivates grains, olives and almonds as well as serving on the board of directors of a creamery enterprise. Furthermore, he has written various books and pamphlets.

Early Life and Education

Ben Goodwin was raised and educated in Southwestern Pennsylvania and embraces its virtues: integrity, tenacity and hard work. After attending Albert Gallatin High School he went on to study at Saint Vincent College located in Latrobe Pennsylvania before earning two Bachelor of Science Degrees before enrolling at Duquesne University School of Law for law school studies.

As the new school year at Caribou High School begins, Principal Jamie Selfridge and Assistant Principal Ben Goodwin are building connections between students and staff as they work to restore pre-pandemic normalcy to the campus. Their roles consist of providing consistency while creating an engaging learning environment; both are leaning on each other for guidance during this journey.

Professional Career

Ben Goodwin has been practicing law in Uniontown, Pennsylvania for over twenty years. He takes pride in providing clients with professional representation that rivals that of larger firms – at a much more reasonable cost!

Practice areas of expertise for Mr. Haines include intellectual property law, privacy and data security law, technology transfers and licensing agreements as well as general commercial matters. He is an active member of UC Hastings Start-Up Legal Garage program where he assists young entrepreneurs form their companies.

He has extensive experience representing clients facing criminal defense matters and is licensed to practice before all Pennsylvanian courts. Additionally, he served as clerk to Honorable Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Goodwin is an accomplished attorney that epitomizes the ideals of Southwest Pennsylvania: integrity, tenacity and hard work. With years of experience trying cases to a jury verdict and serving on committees for Brandon Exchange Club and Boy Scouts “Scouting for Food”, Goodwin stands as an exceptional representation of Southwestern Pennsylvanian values.

His ranch in Dent Township boasts beautiful grounds for farming grain, almonds and olives. As an ardent Republican in politics, he upholds its principles with pride.

Mount Horeb Lodge No. 93 counts Goodwin among its ranks, while his wife is recognized as one of San Joaquin county’s most respectable pioneer ladies. Daniel and Benjamin A. Goodwin remain both alive today.

Personal Life

Ben Goodwin was raised and educated in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and has worked to apply the values learned as a youth to his practice of law – integrity, tenacity and hard work. Through his practice he strives to bring high-quality legal representation at an affordable price to residents throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Goodwin was arrested after forensic experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of his cell phone and iPad, revealing a string of inappropriate text messages directed toward children at the Springfield YMCA where he worked part-time. They also retrieved multiple messages showing Goodwin searching for child pornography – leading them to arrest him on child pornography charges and convicting him federally with no bail allowed for release.

Net Worth

Ben Goodwin is a respected conservative attorney. In addition to practicing, he writes books and columns for various publications – providing people with guidance and inspiration along the way.

He specializes in real estate assets with operating businesses, such as hotels and resorts, senior housing/assisted living and other similar assets. His client list includes some of the nation’s top institutional investors, developers and sponsors, REITs, insurance companies, family offices/high net individuals and pension funds.

He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the key business functions that affect ownership and operation of these investments, in addition to having extensive experience structuring, negotiating and documenting complex real estate transactions across borders.

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