Benjamin Chair

Benjamin Chair, Attorney at Law

Benjamin has expertise in hotel investment and development projects, working closely with foreign investors on structuring their real estate investments within the United States.

Miriam Benjamin became the second African American in America to obtain a patent, for her Gong and Signal Chair invention. This may seem trivial today but in fact was one of the precursors to modern pagers used on airplanes.

Early Life and Education

Ben has always been an ardent supporter of environmental causes and was responsible for authoring SB 54 – California’s groundbreaking legislation designed to combat plastic pollution. Additionally, he has long championed election and campaign finance reform; earning the top rating from CalMatters for both categories of reform work.

She became the second African American woman to secure a patent, for her invention of the “gong and signal chair.” She continued patenting her works while attending Howard University to study law and medicine before returning home in 1920 to live with her mother and brother until her death.

Regina Benjamin is known for her outstanding contributions as both a Senator and as founder and CEO of Bayou Clinic in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, where she has made an immense difference for local community health by being an invaluable doctor, teacher and social justice activist.

Professional Career

Benjamin offers advice to large multinational corporations, private companies, and individual investors in regard to relocating international personnel; hiring foreign-born talent with hard-to-find skill sets; and setting up investment enterprises or branch operations. His thorough approach ensures he offers proactive legal advice that anticipates potential issues before they occur.

He also offers comprehensive estate planning services for both individuals and couples, is an avid supporter of charitable activities, hosting an annual project distributing new hats, scarves, gloves and socks to homeless people in DC in December, January and February; has an in-depth knowledge of tax law; regularly speaks on topics pertaining to this specialty; as well as being an active member of Southwestern Ohio Tax Lawyers Association.

Achievement and Honors

Ben was instrumental in revitalizing Phi Delta Theta at Oregon State University, helping bring membership back up to 100 and serving as recruitment chair. Additionally, he published multiple scientific papers and played an essential part in starting up a mental health clinic in Albany.

In 2021, Dr. Miller received the Tucker Award, presented by ANPA as recognition of longstanding dedication to neuropsychiatry practice and organizations; deep humanitarianism; superior scholarship and scientific contributions towards understanding brain-behavior relationships as they pertain to mental illness; as well as nationally acclaimed academic leadership within neuropsychiatry.”

His service on various boards and membership in the Council on Foundations are testament to his many talents, while both he and Margaret have been key backers of the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Personal Life

Ben is an active participant in his community, serving on the board of Korean Cultural Connection and helping expand Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit. Additionally, he volunteers his time for local charities. Ben attended University of Iowa where he earned a B.A. with honors before spending a year studying International Business and Economics in Seoul, South Korea.

Miriam Benjamin had many interests outside her work as an educator. Her studies with astronomy inspired her to build an accurate astrolabe and write several marches; John Philip Sousa himself performed one of them and much attention was garnered by it. One invention she created, called a broom moistener, earned U.S. Patent number 497,747 in 1893; it consisted of a tin reservoir attached to a broom and drip-feeding water through it to keep it moistened.

Net Worth

To calculate net worth, start by listing everything you own — cash, investment accounts, cars and real estate that can be converted to cash – then subtract all liabilities such as mortgages, auto loans, credit card debt or any other liabilities you owe – including mortgages, auto loans, credit card debt or any other forms of financial obligations such as mortgages or auto loans.

Benjamin is an internationally recognized expert on copyright, trademark, music licensing, media law and entertainment law issues. He was recognized by Legal 500 as an intellectual property expert as well as being recommended by Chambers USA.

Outside his practice, Ben has also taken an active part in several sustainable finance initiatives. He currently sits on several committees for this matter – such as UK Climate Change Adaptation Committee and DBS Bank Board Sustainability Committee, as well as serving on RSPB Advisory Council Advisory Councils he founded the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investments.

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