Benjamin Caranchini

Benjamin Caranchini, 18, Was Shot to Death in His Hyundai in Azusa, California, in 1987

Benjamin Caranchini was killed after his Hyundai crashed into a parked pickup truck in Azusa at approximately 10 a.m. Monday on East Newburgh Street 200 block, as authorities discovered that victim had been shot prior to this event.

Caranchini v. Schwarzenneggar is an Prisoner Civil Rights case filed on 12/05/2019 before the United States District Court for California Central District.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Caranchini, 18-year-old resident of Azusa California was killed when gunfire hit his Hyundai on East Newburgh Street and caused it to crash into a parked pickup truck he was passing after being struck by gunfire in early September 1987.

Hester’s deposition was taken by plaintiff’s counsel, who spent much of her time questioning Hester on matters that were improper and unnecessary. Additionally, she spent an entire day unsuccessfully trying to qualify Wagner as an expert witness on trial issues.

G.M. asserts that plaintiff’s counsel engaged in abusive tactics by prolonging discovery and trial proceedings unreasonably and unreasonably – to his and G.M.’s expense as well as to that of the judicial system – leading to substantial additional expenses being incurred by both parties and resulting in further expense borne by both. Their last known address was at 11712 Emery St, El Monte CA 91732-1904.

Professional Career

Plaintiff, to establish her claim of a hostile work environment, presented several witnesses from G.M. Fairfax who testified about their perception of sexual harassment from Hester and Spivey; some also testified to sexually hostile workplace practices they experienced elsewhere during their careers at the plant. Perkins and Caranchini made personal attacks against Hester through answers to interrogatories by alleging “continual rumors surrounding his involvement with women”. G.M. seeks sanctions under Rule 26(g) and SS 1927 due to Perkins and Caranchini’s personal attacks which multiplied trial proceedings unreasonably and vexatiously.

Caranchini attempted to qualify Wagner as an expert witness on issues unrelated to this litigation in order to prolong and increase the expense of this litigation, an action which violated any definition of zealous advocacy.

Achievement and Honors

Suffield High School hosted a breakfast reception to recognize four students as part of its ongoing student recognition program: Brett Cameron, Tiffany Chan, Aleda DeMaria and Jeffrey Plourde were honored for their assistance during its accreditation process.

Benny Caranchini can be found on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. They currently list one job on their profile.

This case can be found on PACER, the U.S. government website for federal case data. For free access, click here: 5:2019cv02342 US District Court for the Central District of California Justia Prisoner Civil Rights Case Log InSign Up

Personal Life

At around 5:30 p.m. Friday in the 200 block of E. Newburgh Street, sheriff’s homicide detectives reported a shooting. A black Honda Civic driven by an individual was suspected in shooting up another blue Toyota Camry owned by victim.

Caranchini signed interrogatory answers regarding Hester without sufficient foundation in fact and for improper purposes. She misappropriated her position as plaintiff’s counsel by making attacks without adequate investigation and lengthening this litigation unreasonably and vexatiously in violation of SS 1927. Caranchini failed to disclose information in her interrogatories concerning any allegations Hester was a womanizer; furthermore at trial she asked Fred White Sr, an upper management member at G.M. Fairfax whether or not Perkins allegations.

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