Ben Miranda

Ben Miranda – Endeavors’ Deputy Senior Director of Operational Business Development

Ben is your typical high school overachiever with an A+ transcript and Art Club presidency to their name – except they’re nonbinary, and when they come out to their parents they get kicked out.

As the Deputy Senior Director of Operational Business Development for Endeavor, Ben is responsible for the planning, implementation, operation and expansion of their various lines of services. His track record collaborating with local, state and national partners highlights his strengths in relationship-building.

Early Life and Education

As part of the UFW legal team, Miranda was dedicated to helping immigrant workers obtain fair treatment under the law. Furthermore, he hosted a weekly television program on legal matters and donated many hours of his own time helping people.

He was born in Texas into a migrant farm family, spending his formative years traveling across the country with them harvesting various crops each year. Due to this lifestyle he attended single-room schools while living in camps with as many as five thousand other migrants families.

Miranda graduated with honors from the College of Wooster, serving as captain for both their varsity field hockey team and gospel choir, while playing both saxophone and bassoon in Wheaton student bands throughout her Wheaton education.

Professional Career

As a youngster, Miranda traveled with his family across America with his harvester job of gathering crops for sale while attending one-room schools. Later he pursued higher education through the GI Bill and completed both a bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as earning a law degree from Arizona State University.

Miranda is an esteemed expert in plastic and hand surgery, and author of two surgical textbooks. Additionally, he holds a substantive consultant position at St Andrew’s Anglia Ruskin Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns; one of Europe’s premier specialist plastic surgery centres.

He’s collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors, such as David Fincher on his visually stunning fable The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and Joseph Kosinski’s technological marvel TRON: Legacy (2010). Additionally, he’s widely revered as an accomplished cinematographer with several top credits under his belt.

Achievement and Honors

As the Deputy Senior Director of Operational Business Development, Miranda uses his relationship-building abilities to form and maintain strategic alliances between local and state government entities as well as stakeholders to promote Endeavors programs and expand lines of service offerings.

John appeared in several stage musicals, such as Off-Broadway production In The Heights which earned him both Drama Desk Award nomination and Lucille Lortel Award nomination. Additionally, John played lamplighter in Disney’s Moana (2016) which earned an Academy Award nomination.

He advocated for immigrant rights and served on the United Farm Workers (UFW) Board of Directors for many years, helping secure fair wages and working conditions for farm workers. When Cesar Chavez passed away, Miranda paid his funeral expenses; after her passing he and his wif also founded Manzana Foundation which assists students prepare for college entrance exams.

Personal Life

Ben Miranda was an outstanding citizen and tireless servant to his country, state, and community. A decorated Vietnam veteran with the Bronze Star for his heroism in combat, Ben used his GI Bill benefits to complete a law degree later.

He dedicated his life to serving others, particularly working-class members of society. As United Farm Workers attorney he provided hours of free legal advice.

Atwood also created the musical Hamilton, inspired by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. This award-winning production boasts an all-star cast that includes Ben Platt, Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick and has garnered critical acclaim and box office success – winning multiple awards including two Drama Desk Awards.

Net Worth

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an exceptional composer, writer, lyricist and actor who has made waves on Broadway musical theater. His work on In the Heights and Hamilton has garnered him multiple accolades such as Pulitzer Prizes, Emmy awards and Grammy nominations – earning him both critical acclaim as well as several awards and nominations including Pulitzer, Emmy and Grammy awards.

He is an active TikTok user and has amassed over 22 million likes for his hilarious and lip-synch videos on this social network. His username on TikTok is benjimanmiranda.

Vivo was written for Netflix as an animated short, while Encanto for Disney followed an equally successful character. Together with his wife they own and operate a lucrative jewelry business; together they live in an attractive penthouse apartment located in North Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood.

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