Ben McCleary

Ben McCleary, Attorney at Law

McCleary previously worked for Chemical Bank and Shearson Lehman Hutton; he’s also a member of both Colonial Club and Whig-Clio.

In its decision in the McCleary case, the State Supreme Court held that it is the Legislature’s duty to fund basic education – including special-needs students – regardless of who pays the bill; yet many lawyers contend the state isn’t doing enough in this area.

Early Life and Education

Lawyers responsible for compelling Washington state to cough up billions in basic education funding with McCleary are prepping a lawsuit that they expect will be just as consequential. Tom Ahearne, lead counsel on McCleary case believes lawmakers could face similar sharp scrutiny for capping special-needs spending.

He lived in Asheville, NC up until his passing, attending Bethel AME Church and Springfield College while also making frequent donations to charity. His giving nature will be greatly missed by all that knew him, leaving behind a loving wife, two sons, and many grandchildren behind.

Professional Career

Benjamin McCleary has an expansive 25-year practice spanning across Florida as both an experienced litigator and mediator. During that time, he has handled high-stakes cases such as medical malpractice suits, nursing home litigation matters, product liability suits, insurance defense efforts and catastrophic injury matters.

At age one, his father purchased a whole life policy on him with The Guardian. Since then he has held onto a Group 1 license and earned multiple awards during his financial services career; including serving as past president of Houston GAMA as well as NAIFA Houston where he received their 1995 Woodson Award.

Achievement and Honors

Ben McCleary has distinguished himself in several ways beyond academic excellence as a student. One such award, established in 1996 and honoring Ephraim Quinby (one of the College’s founders), is given annually to a sophomore or junior woman who has shown commitment to her studies while upholding high academic standards.

Other awards he has won include Dean’s List (Faculty of the Year Award) and Tiger Spirit Award. He is also a member of The Coral Beach & Tennis Club in Bermuda as well as The Dunes Club in Narragansett, Rhode Island; in fact he’s won numerous tournaments including Rhode Island State Championship!

Personal Life

Charles McCleary has long been a resident of Asheville, North Carolina. Known for mentoring young people to achieve success in life, Charles is described by friends and acquaintances alike as both generous and all around nice person.

In 1861, Benjamin was shot and killed at home near Etna in Scotland County Missouri by federal troops searching for his son William who sympathized with Confederacy. To prevent any potential acts of “atrocity on the grave”, his family buried him late that evening to avoid possible “atrocities on the grave”.

Stewart has two children and four siblings; his eldest, Effie was born in Pennsylvania while Henderson and Jennie hail from Minnesota and Pennsylvania respectively. Additionally, Stewart has stepdaughter Patricia. Stewart and Jennie have been in a relationship for nearly 60 years –

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